Coaches Corner: Owning your erotism and consent with Dr. Betty Martin

Sex and sexuality. These are part of the human experience.Yet for so many, sex and sexualty brings up shame, insecurity and even painful memories.It is possible to enjoy your sexual expression no matter what you have been through while empowering yourself by learning about your preferences and consent.

There is no one better to discuss these topics with me than. Dr. Betty Martin.

She has had her hands on people professionally for over 40 years, first as a Chiropractor and upon retiring from that practice,as a certified Surrogate Partner, Sacred Intimate, and Somatic Sex Educator.Her explorations in somatic-based therapy and practices informed her creation of the framework, The Wheel of Consent®.
As part of her work with the School of Consent, Betty travels around the world teaching practitioners how to create empowered agreements in their client sessions, in her highly sought-after training “Like A Pro: The Wheel of Consent for Practitioners.”
Wheel of consent videos:

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