Coaches Corner: Stress, doing the “deep work,” vibrant health and more! A chat with one of my besties and world-renowned healer Kate Reardon

I am so thrilled to have one of my best – and also most powerful – friends back on the show.  Kate Reardon gives those in need of healing guidance the inspiration and tools for growth so they can achieve the unthinkable and conquer the impossible.
Kate is a qualified practitioner of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine, an Intuitive Metaphysical Healer, best-selling author, keynote speaker, facilitator, yoga teacher, devoted mother and host of the ever-popular, Lean In podcast.
Kate is the co-founder and managing director of Natural Instinct Healing, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning private Detox, Health and Wellness retreat centre in Bali – which now offers virtual cleansing retreats! Kate also mentors clients from all walks of life across the globe, including high profile celebrities, public figures, doctors, psychologists, business leaders and even royalty, treating and guiding each individual on a mind, body and soul level.
Her best-selling book, “The Essential Cleanse” is the ultimate guide to unlocking the potential to drastically heal from the inside out.
When she’s not in the consulting room or preparing for a workshop, Kate can be found either being Mama bear to three beautiful girls, immersed in nature, soaking up a book or dancing her heart out!
Register for her 7 day immersion here: https://go.naturalinstincthealing.com/free-vital-wellbeing-immersion
Learn more about Kate here: http://katereardon.com.au/

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