Coaches Corner: Get your mind and body right with Todd McCullough

A friend and former yoga buddy of mine, Todd McCullough, joins me to dispel some myths about what it takes to transform your body and live healthy!  He’s a fitness and mindset expert and takes us through a wonderful meditation at the end of the interview.
Todd attended University of Florida, where he was a starting football player. Like many athletes, he suffered numerous injuries. He had a career in finance at Merrill Lynch, and was laid off during the financial crisis of 2008.

Todd knew it was time for a new direction. His football injuries led him to a
yoga studio, where he discovered a way to move with his physical
restrictions. This led Todd to merge his new passion for yoga with athletic
training — and TMAC FITNESS was born. It began as a personal training
business, where Todd trained thousands of clients, including Olympic
athletes and celebrity artists. Eventually, it was time to scale.

Now, TMAC FITNESS is an online membership-based company that
provides short, fast, and effective workouts — with a strong emphasis on
mindfulness. Todd’s signature online program, TMAC 20, has helped
more than 20,000 people get in shape and get their mind right from home.

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