EP 321: How to Connect with Your Inner Child with Nyikia

This episode is about mothering the inner child and connecting to the little one inside. Today’s caller, Nyikia, is working to give herself the love and compassion she didn’t get as a child but is having difficulty connecting with her inner child. We work through that connection and a daily practice she can use to nurture herself and her little one.

We are often good at giving others what we need to give ourselves the most. This is where we can fall into traps in relationships. Whether it’s romantic relationships, work relationships, or friendships, we can be loving, compassionate, loyal, and show up for others but the person we need to do that for is our inner child and ourselves.

We can’t go back in a time machine and change our parents or live a different childhood. But, remember, the mind doesn’t know the difference between a well-imagined thought and current reality. So, we can give ourselves the childhood we never had by being a mother or father to our inner child.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Did you have a mother or father who didn’t fall into the traditional role? Maybe, your mom wasn’t nurturing or your father was absent or not protective and you have a hard time connecting with that inner parent?
  • Are you good at loving others and taking care of others but not so great at taking care of yourself?
  • Have you done a lot of self-work in the last several years or months, but feel in some areas, especially with the inner child, you don’t know what to do or you are not making progress?

Nyikia’s Question:

Nyikia is looking to heal and move past childhood issues but is finding it difficult to connect to her inner child.

Nyikia’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She grew up with only her mother as a caregiver.
  • Her mother was emotionally and verbally abusive.
  • Her father was absent, for the most part.
  • She has an adopted brother.
  • She is doing personal development work to connect with her inner child.
  • She has avoidant strategies and distracts herself.
  • She wants to acknowledge her inner child.
  • She longed for feeling safe when she was a child.
  • Her IQ has been rewarded more than her EQ.
  • She often shuts down her emotional releases.
  • It is easy for her to find compassion for others but not for herself.
  • Her inner child doesn’t feel worthy of nurturing.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Check-in with a picture of her as a child once a day.
  • Tell her inner child how worthy she is of nurturing and love. 


  • Check-in daily with your inner child and have a conversation.
  • Re-visit the recording of the Inner Child Workshop at ChristineHassler.com/innerchild.
  • Consider what you didn’t get as a child and how you can give it to yourself.


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