Coaches Corner: Be a coach or become an even better coach with my co-founder of Elementum Coaching Institute Alexi Panos

If you are interested in becoming a coach or already are a coach and want to be even more impactful, don’t miss this episode. You’ve heard me talk about the coaching certification program I co-founded with Stef, Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos. Today, my dear friend and partner, Alexi, joins me as we take a deep dive into describing the Elementum Coaching Institute.


We cover: why and how it’s different from other certification programs, how it’s structured, what you learn, what you receive, and SO much more. If you’ve been considering enrolling in Elementum, this episode will answer so many of your questions.


A little more about Alexi . . .


A leader in the Emergent Wisdom movement, Alexi Panos was named as one of FORBES Top 11 Women Entrepreneurs, INC’s magazines TOP 10 ENTREPRENEUR’S CHANGING THE WORLD, one of Origin Magazines TOP 100 CREATIVES CHANGING THE WORLD, and is a featured expert in the films THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR, RISEUP and AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR. Alexi is a Master Leadership and Embodiment trainer and co-founder in The Bridge Method workshops and The Elementum Coaching Institute, host of the Top 10 Self Improvement Podcast UNLEASHED, business strategist, filmmaker and humanitarian (through her organizations E.P.I.C. and The Sisters Society); and as a bestseller, Alexi has authored the books 50 WAYS TO YAY! and NOW OR NEVER, both by Simon & Schuster. Alexi is a proud mama to 4 kids and currently lives in Austin, TX. Follow her on Instagram and Youtube @alexipanos. www.alexipanos.com @alexipanos

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