EP 329: Let Go of Self-Doubt and Trust Your Intuition with Tamy

This episode is about discerning intuition from fear-based thoughts. Today’s caller, Tamy, doubts herself and uses constant learning as a compensatory strategy when she may not have fully integrated the information she has already gathered. If you have ever wondered if your feelings are fear-based or truly your intuition, or struggle with self-doubt, this is a great session to tune into.

We often try to compensate for our self-doubts by people-pleasing, caretaking, obsessing about how we look, or being on a constant train of achieving or learning. Too much learning can be compensation for where we feel self-doubt.

You can be in radical self-acceptance or confidence, and still know there are things you are practicing and integrating.

When we truly listen to our intuition and when we are on track with our personal development work, we stay aligned. We won’t get on an ego-driven path. Ego-based success and compensatory success are houses of cards. And, that is what we fear because we can start to feel like a fraud. We feel as if we could lose everything. If you listen to your intuition, you will stay on a path of success that is sustainable.

Start paying more attention to how your intuition works. Start with little things. Intuition comes in more clearly when we are not distracted. The less we distract ourselves with thoughts of self-worth, validation, and acceptance the more space our intuition has to present itself.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you sometimes wonder if the information you’re getting or if the thoughts you are having are your intuition or fear?
  • Are you addicted to learning, always believing there is more you need to learn?
  • Do you doubt yourself or struggle with self-acceptance?
  • Do you have a fear of success; not just failure, but a bit of fear of success?

Tamy’s Question:

Tamy wants to know how to recognize and trust her intuition and get rid of self-doubt.

Tamy’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She is an intuitive person.
  • She fears taking action.
  • She has developed ways to rely on herself.
  • She judges herself and doubts her abilities.
  • She feels she doesn’t know enough.
  • She has higher standards for herself than she does for others.
  • She has been chronically learning without leaving time for integration.
  • She fears success.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Listen to her intuition and consider where she is being guided next.
  • Consider how her thoughts make her feel. If it makes her feel fear it is not her intuition.
  • Respond to the guidance she gets.


  • Journal about what would happen if you are successful. Start with ‘If I am successful then…’ and see what comes up for you.


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Filling ourselves with more information leaves little time for integrating the information we have already gathered. Click To Tweet True confidence is radical self-acceptance. Click To Tweet Too much learning can be a compensatory strategy for our self-doubt.Too much learning can be a compensatory strategy for our self-doubt. Click To Tweet

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