EP 349: Break Free from Your Toxic Past with Aurora

This emotional episode is a great example of getting stuck in our story. Today’s caller, Aurora, has had to overcome an incredible past. She has been through many challenges, and feels enough is enough. She wants her life to change. But as you will hear, she is still committed to the story. We discuss ways she can take her power back and shift out of victim.

Our minds have a way of not allowing new information or tools in so we can integrate them. There is resistance to change because we all have a comfort zone with our suffering. As much as we think we want to change, do we truly want to? Holding on to trauma comforts us because it is familiar.

And, if we try to tackle all of our trauma at once or solve everything that ails us at once, it will feel overwhelming. When we sit up in an open body position it tells our subconscious mind and our nervous system we are safe. Anytime we are hunched over, crossed-legged, or protecting our heart, solar plexus, or root chakra, it communicates to our subconscious mind that we may not be safe. Sitting up straight is how we step into our power. Because when we say step into our power, we are really saying step into our truth.

Taking responsibility is huge when it comes to healing. Responsibility is not the same as blaming ourselves. Take responsibility for things you wish you would have done differently without blaming yourself.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Have you had a toxic, or unhealthy relationship with your past that you have trouble breaking free from?
  • Do you get stuck in the same story over and over again?
  • Do you feel not enough?
  • Do you have trouble stepping into your power?

Aurora’s Question:

Aurora would like guidance on how to free herself from feeling not enough, to be able to express herself freely, and to get her power back.

Aurora’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She told her ex-husband she needed some space.
  • She got violent with her ex even though she didn’t want to.
  • She doesn’t condone violence.
  • Her ex believes that once she got what she wanted from the relationship she ended it.
  • She has been judged and traumatized by her older sister.
  • A teacher body-shamed her and created toxic competitiveness.
  • Her parents exhibit narcissistic attributes.
  • She goes through a cycle of making progress and then starting over.
  • She recently went through an intensive therapy treatment.
  • She feels more at peace.
  • She is proud of herself for doing the generational trauma healing work.
  • She has suppressed herself for a long time.
  • She has a habit of being emotionally collapsed.
  • She is not so great at meeting her own needs.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Sit in an open body position to let her subconscious mind know she is safe.
  • Think about what her needs are and then give that thing to herself.
  • Love and accept where she is, have compassion for herself, and work with what she has.
  • Take her power back by forgiving herself for buying into any misunderstandings.
  • Listen to this podcast, take responsibility, move out of victim, and believe she is able to shift out of this.


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