Coaches Corner: Guest on The Optimal Body

Sick of social pressures influencing your relationships? Curious about how to overcome arguments in relationships? Want to understand the difference between momentary infatuation and reality? Curious about true love? Feel like your past is getting in your way of a successful relationship? We’ve got you covered with an insightful interview with Christine Hassler. Firstly, Christine discusses how to separate your relationships from socio-cultural expectations and how to best navigate whether a relationship is real, true, and what you’re called for through the way you feel. Furthermore, she shares her best tips in unpacking yourself and that manifests in what it feels like to be loved. Then, she gets into the nitty-gritty about hardships and arguments in relationships, how she defines healthy fighting, and her best tips to getting through downtimes in relationships. Without repressing or recycling emotions, Christine promotes the idea of “feeling your feelings,” explaining the vulnerability and your inner-critic voice, FInally, she explains 4 stages to establishing the most optimal relationship for you! Let’s dive in

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