EP 359: Making a Big Decision About a Big Change with Catherine

This episode is about making a big decision. Today’s caller, Catherine, is considering moving in with her boyfriend but isn’t sure whether or not she is ready. She would like guidance on how to make a big decision. We discuss how she can use the intuitive decision-making process to become clear about what she wants and the learning opportunities of relationships.

When we feel that we have to make every decision on our own, it can keep us from speaking our needs in relationships. To break the pattern of feeling like you have to do everything on your own requires speaking your needs and asking for help and support. In the masculine-feminine dynamic when we are doing things on our own, not in collaboration, we can lean a bit too much into our masculine energy.

It is important to stretch ourselves, but not stretch ourselves so much that we snap. If we want continued progress in our life we stretch ourselves just enough where we feel the stretch but we don’t snap.

An issue-based relationship is where the chemistry is really hot and heavy early on but what is really attracting the partners is unresolved issues. You may find yourself attracted to someone who is like your mother or father or who triggers your insecurities or biggest wounds. We tend to draw in relationships that have tons of red flags but the passion and chemistry keep us going back for more.

The learning opportunity of issue-based relationships is to heal the wound that attracts us to a person in the first place.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Is there a big decision you are considering making?
  • Do you want to make a change but you don’t know if it’s too extreme or a great challenge?
  • Are you someone who likes to have certainty in your life?
  • In a relationship, have you tried to change the other person rather than taking full responsibility for how you are showing up?

Catherine’s Question:

Catherine would like guidance about her relationship and about whether or not she should move in with her partner.

Catherine’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has been dating her partner for five months.
  • She is concerned about the stability of the relationship.
  • Her intuition is nudging her to take an adventure.
  • She and her partner live hours apart.
  • The relationship has been a bit rocky.
  • She changed her expectations of men after research.
  • She is unsure about how to lean into her femininity.
  • She is afraid to trust.
  • There is a lot of change presenting itself to her.
  • She is learning things during her decision-making process.
  • She tends to make all-or-nothing decisions.
  • She is looking to take responsibility for her part in the relationship.
  • She is ready to receive love.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Do the intuitive decision-making process and listen to her body.
  • Make agreements with her partner about how they will live together.
  • Clean up her end of the relationship.


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It is important to stretch ourselves but not stretch ourselves so much that we snap. Click To Tweet Relationships are learning opportunities. Click To Tweet To break the pattern of feeling like you have to do everything on your own requires speaking your needs and asking for help and support. Click To Tweet

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