Coaches Corner: What happens when we die? With Nanci Danison

After Nanci died on March 14, 1994, she returned to Nanci’s life from the most extensive afterlife experience survived and recorded in order to tell anyone who would listen about what happened to her in the afterlife and what she remembers learning there about life, death, and the afterlife. Her afterlife experience gave her knowledge of spiritual tools we souls inside humans can access and she shares that knowledge with us.

Her new book, Create a New Reality—Move Beyond Law of Attraction Theory, introduces you to the incredible spiritual power of manifesting that we souls possess, and leads you step-by-step through how to create more opportunities to better your life, to replace old beliefs that hold you back from creating a happier life, and to heal yourself of physical and emotional wounds.

Learn more at http://nancidanison.com/

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