EP 367: Should I Stay in the Relationship for the Baby? With Cassie

This episode is about navigating a relationship with a new baby coming. Today’s caller, Cassie, is about to have a child but is uncertain about staying with the baby’s father. She would like guidance about how to feel supported emotionally and financially during this trying time.

It is difficult enough for women who are becoming new mothers but for them to not have support can be really challenging. But, on the other hand, couples who stay together for the children who are not in a healthy relationship don’t have kids that turn out any better than the kids whose parents got divorced. Kids pick up on unhealthy relationships when they are not aligned and may model their future relationships on them.

When a baby comes, it transforms and changes a relationship. The focus of attention is on the baby and not as much on the partners. That is why it is important to have clear agreements in place about parenting responsibilities before a child is born.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you in a relationship and you don’t know whether to stay or go?
  • Do you have children and you are concerned the relationship isn’t a fit and you don’t know if you should stay in it for the children?
  • Do you feel your partner isn’t holding up their end of the agreement? financially, personal development, or any other way?
  • Do you have clear agreements with your partner so each of you knows what you can expect and count on from each other to prevent expectation hangovers?

Cassie’s Question:

Cassie is pregnant with her partner of 2-plus years. She is having some difficulty in her relationship and would like guidance on whether or not to leave the relationship.

Cassie’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She is seven months pregnant.
  • Her pregnancy has highlighted some of her fears about her relationship.
  • She is unsure if her intuition is telling her to step away from the relationship.
  • She is excited about becoming a mother.
  • She and her partner have different values around money.
  • She is confused about her next steps.
  • Her partner wants to be in the relationship.
  • Her partner recently left his career.
  • She feels emotionally distressed from their disagreements.
  • She wants her partner to monetarily provide for the family.
  • She is not yet sure about what agreements she will need to clarify.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Get clear agreements from her partner about the upcoming parenting responsibilities.
  • Consider how she can respond to his requests without anger or resentment.
  • Recognize that she is a co-parent with her partner.
  • Appeal to her partner’s heart about the parenting and healing opportunity.
  • Pay attention to the things she appreciates and loves about her partner.


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