EP 371: How to Move Into Acceptance Even If You Don’t Like What is Happening with Lindsey

This episode is about accepting where we are in life and enjoying it to the fullest. Today’s caller, Lindsey, has wanted to find a partner to share her life with for a long time. She has done personal development work but still believes she needs to fix herself before calling in a partner. We work through ways she can trust life, trust divine timing, and enjoy her life.

When we have hindsight, it is easy to move into acceptance. We look back and consider that something happened for a reason it makes it easier to accept. When we have to accept something, or we choose to accept something that isn’t what we want, that is when the real spiritual ninja work comes in.

The constant trying to figure out why — which is something we all do to some degree — we don’t have something we want or something in our life isn’t working. We pick ourselves apart with a fine-toothed comb trying to find the reason. Because if we find the reason, it gives us control and then we can do something to solve it. It is a pattern of constantly looking.

Acceptance is when we move into the peace of what is. It is when we stop wishing for something to be different or when we have feelings about circumstances not being what we want, we don’t bypass them. Resignation is when we give up. Acceptance has relief energy. When we surrender we can be open to something shifting.

When we move into full acceptance of who we are and where we are in our lives, the acceptance keeps us in the energetic of love and shifts what we are broadcasting.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Is there something you want badly and think you will be happier when you get it?
  • Are you single and don’t want to be single but you can’t move into acceptance of it?
  • Have you done work to change an issue or circumstance but it isn’t shifting and you keep trying?
  • Do you believe your life would be better if you had something you don’t?

Lindsey’s Question:

Lindsey has been single for most of her life and would like guidance on how to call in a partner.

Lindsey’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has been single for 10+ years but wants to call in a partner.
  • She is an adventurous woman in life and work.
  • She has a belief that men find her good enough to sleep with but not good enough to date.
  • She believes she would be better in a relationship.
  • She is sad because she doesn’t have a partner.
  • She feels she has no control over finding a partner and pities herself.
  • She feels looked over by the people in her life.
  • She has limiting beliefs about herself.
  • She is constantly doing to not think about the uncertainty of life.
  • She believes that if she doesn’t work hard to get something she won’t get it.
  • She is incorporating practices to keep herself present.
  • She surrenders in water and with music.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Accept where she is right now.
  • Move toward acceptance and let go of wanting something else.
  • Make a playlist of songs that make her love her life in the now.
  • Stop herself from going down a spiral.
  • Stop trying to fix something that isn’t broken.
  • Trust life and trust divine timing.


  • You can’t always get what you want but you can get what you need. If we can move into acceptance of wherever we are or are not, we have more enjoyment and freedom in our life.


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