EP 377: How Your Self-Worth Impacts Your Net Worth with Rich

This episode is about being open to opportunities by eliminating the walls we have up. Today’s caller, Rich, feels blocked in building his coaching practice but the session is not so much about building his coaching practice but about him becoming his own best client because his biggest blocks are his own beliefs and unresolved hurts.

We are told many things in our lives. Some of those things are not always positive. We tend to take on criticism much more than the compliments and acknowledgments we were given. Especially if that criticism came from a parent or any authority figure. Those criticisms from our past repeat like a broken record in our heads and impact our future. So, instead of living the life we want, we keep listening to the old story.

Whose voice is in your head that you have adopted as your own? It is time to give that voice back and not allow it to define you.

How we do anything is how we do everything. Many times we try to change our external circumstances thinking that a new job or new relationship will change the patterns and programming of things we don’t like. But, if how we do anything is how we do everything, then we just apply the same patterning and programming to the next thing.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you suffering because you cannot identify your purpose?
  • Is there a person in your life who is struggling to find their purpose? Do you push them to find their purpose or try to find it for them?
  • Do you feel worthy and deserving inside? And, how does your self-confidence, or lack thereof, impact your results?
  • Is someone else’s voice inside your head? Do you need to banish it?

Rich’s Question:

Rich would like to know how to get over his fear and anxiety to follow through with his goal of becoming a coach. He wants to overcome his limiting beliefs from his past, which may be blocking his future success.

Rich’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • He was providing his coaching services for free.
  • He feels friends and family are expecting more of him.
  • He is getting married soon.
  • He suffers from social anxiety and has a hard time focusing.
  • He meditates and exercises to deal with his anxiety.
  • He has a mission to make an emotional impact on people’s lives.
  • He was criticized as a child by his stepfather.
  • He struggles with self-worth and fears failure.
  • He is a sensitive creative.
  • He has done work around self-compassion.
  • He is not sure of the source of his resistance.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • Do emotional healing and forgive himself for buying into the misunderstanding that he is not worthy.
  • Realize the way he is treating himself is how his stepfather treated him.
  • Treat himself like he treats his clients.
  • Work through the emotional section of Expectation Hangover to release his anger.
  • Consider what makes him authentic and worthy.
  • Design a program for himself and become his best client.


  • Write down your limiting beliefs and figure out who owns the voice.
  • Move into compassion for anyone who programmed your thoughts.
  • Write a letter to give an unwelcome belief back to the person who gave it to you.
  • Be honest about the emotional walls you have put up and be committed to taking them down.
  • Set up two chairs and carry out your own therapy session.


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