Coaches Corner: Epic Sex and Legendary Love with Layla Martin

Layla Martin is a thought leader in the ever-emerging worlds of sexual wellness, Tantra, erotic empowerment, and personal development.
As founder of the VITA™ Method, she’s been certifying professionals in a Tantric approach to Love, Sex, and Relationships for over 7 years and has taught over 12,000 paid clients.
For 20 years, Layla traveled the world as a devoted student of Tantra, training with the most high-level teachers of this powerful tradition. She studied human sexuality, neuroscience, and biology at Stanford University, and immersed herself in the energetic traditions of Taoism and early witchcraft.
Along the way, she personally curated a dynamic, holistic system from over 10,000 hours of practice that blends ancient traditions with modern techniques. The VITA™ Method is proven to help heal trauma, release limiting beliefs, and awaken life-changing levels of pleasure.
You can learn more about her VITA certification program at christinehassler.com/layla

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