EP 388: Why You Feel Lost with Michael

This episode is about reclaiming lost aspects of ourselves. Today’s caller, Michael, feels lost. He keeps checking things off his list and achieving his goals but lacks purpose and satisfaction in life. Christine offers guidance about how he can reclaim the childhood parts of himself that were buried long ago.

It doesn’t matter whether we are gay or we are too tall, too thin, or we have the wrong skin color, whatever it is, as children, most of us fundamentally decide there is something wrong with us. It is at that point where our freedom, childish curiosity, wonderment, innocence, creativity, and radical self-acceptance dies. The second we are shamed for a part of who we are, it’s like a part of us dies inside.

When our childlike parts that are full of life and authenticity get cut off, we feel dead inside and lost because those parts were huge parts of our life. It’s like a car with no steering wheel. Good luck getting around anywhere. You can sit in it, rev the engine, and play a radio but you can’t go anywhere.

We are not always consciously aware that we carry around the grief of the childhood parts of us that were not fully expressed. And, we will always feel lost if there is a part of us that is missing. As adults, we search for something to make that part of us feel alive again. We crave reclamation.

Sometimes we desperately fight for what we want without knowing that we are fighting for it. We are always looking for safety. Whatever we are looking for outside of us has to be found inside.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Did you have to morph yourself as a child in order to be accepted or to feel not so different?
  • Did people say they accepted you but inside you always felt different?
  • Have you climbed a lot of mountains, gone to the summit, looked around, and said “wait a second, this is it?” and now you’re looking for your next mountain to climb?
  • Have you ever dealt with depression, feeling low in the deep dark nights of the soul, or considered ending your life?

Michael’s Question:

Michael feels lost and would like guidance about how to reclaim freedom and purpose.

Michael’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • He has completed the Personal Mastery program.
  • He has been through ups and downs in his life.
  • He used to have vision and purpose but doesn’t feel them any longer.
  • He has experienced bouts of severe depression.
  • He didn’t feel like he belonged with boys or girls as a child.
  • His coping strategy is suppression.
  • He searches out role models.
  • He overshares with people he trusts.
  • He is looking for something outside of himself.
  • He felt ashamed of being gay.
  • He yearns to be seen for who he truly is.
  • He sabotaged himself in order to force change.
  • He numbed himself for most of his adult life.
  • He reads tarot cards.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • He needs to liberate and fully express himself.
  • Stop looking for something to do and commit to reclaiming his lost self to give himself the childhood he didn’t have.
  • Learn to channel his creativity, energy, and sensitivity.


  • Join the Personal Mastery program.
  • What parts of yourself do you need to reclaim? It is time for them to come alive again, so you can come alive again.


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We will always feel lost if there is a part of us that is missing. Click To Tweet Free spirits embody radical self-acceptance, contentment, and liberation. Click To Tweet We are not always consciously aware that we carry around the grief of the childhood parts of us that weren’t fully expressed. Click To Tweet

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