Coaches Corner: When your side hustle becomes your main hustle with Brooke Nichol

My friend Brooke Nichol joins me to talk about how to build a business by being great at relationships with people. Brooke is a registered nurse and the owner of Saving Face in Austin, TX. Her specialty is relationships and keeping clients looking natural and the best version of themselves. She has organically grown to two locations, becoming the most sought out feel good destination in Austin.

She has an extensive background and training from world renowned plastic surgeons and experts in the field of aesthetics.

She was named top 100 injector in the US in 2018. She is a national trainer for Allergan and was named top 10 lip expert in 2020. Brooke serves on Advisory Boards for Allergan and Revance.

Brooke is a true entrepreneur who wears many hats. She is mama to two beautiful children, Knox (5), Miller (8). She created Post Love Skincare and will soon launch Saving Face Academy. There is much growth for Saving Face in the future and Brooke is quite certain that goodness will bring about more goodness.

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