EP 395: How to Date When It Hasn’t Been Going So Well with Rocio

This episode is about love and relationships. Today’s caller, Rocio, is in a pattern that is blocking her from calling in love. She would like guidance on how much of her dating is based on divine timing or if there are things she can do to date from a more empowered, emotionally available space.

A lot of times we think we are emotionally available because we want love and connection and we’ve done the work to make ourselves vulnerable. But, often, there is a hurt part of us that is a protective mechanism that makes us put a guard up so we are not completely emotionally available.

We are co-creators in our life. The spirit of the divine meets us at the point of action and intention. If we are not actively participating in getting what we desire, then we are not fully meeting the divine at the point of action and intention. If we have fear, it can block us. A lot of the time we spend avoiding love because we are afraid of rejection more than we are into opening ourselves up and putting ourselves out there.

When we have a parent that created an anxious attachment style, we draw in people who trigger that feeling inside of us because we are attempting to heal it. As children, we can’t advocate for ourselves as we can as adults.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you frustrated with dating and want to know how you can shift it?
  • Did you think everything was going well with the last person you dated and then it just didn’t work out? If you look back at it, did you miss some red flags?
  • Did you have a parent you craved more from and you can see how that wound impacts how you date?
  • Are you willing to be vulnerable, emotionally available, and honest about what works for you and what doesn’t?

Rocio’s Question:

Rocio would like guidance about how much she should trust timing and intuition to call in love.

Rocio’s Key Insights and Ahas:

  • She has been meeting emotionally unavailable guys.
  • She fears rejection and being vulnerable.
  • Recently she thought she met someone and their energies aligned but there were inconsistencies.
  • She feels that she is putting herself out there and trusting her intuition.
  • There were inconsistencies in her relationship with her father.
  • She is not fully healed from an unmet need from her childhood.
  • She wants to call in a relationship.

How to Get Over It and On With It:

  • If triggered, call it out and stand up for herself right away.
  • Normalize being emotionally available and asking for what she wants.
  • Don’t let her fear of rejection stop her from speaking her truth.
  • Trust herself to express her needs.
  • Remember the guys she dates are not her father.


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