Coaches Corner: Infertility and Celebrating “Others Day” with Lana Manikowski

Some women are childfree by choice while others are childless due to circumstances, not choice. Lana Manikowski: Certified Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, Infertility Activist and Founder of “The Other’s Day Brunch” is on a mission to show that infertile women can create the life of their dreams, even when it didn’t turn out as planned.
When a 7-year fertility journey ended without a child – and donor egg & adoption wasn’t for her – Lana yearned for a community who could understand the loneliness, self judgment and grief around navigating a childless future. When she couldn’t find one, she established in 2021 by launching The “So Now What?” Podcast.
In her coaching practice, Lana helps women navigate a life unexpected. Her 4-part coaching foundation helps guide women through the rediscovery of their purpose, meaning and joy, so they can build a future they truly love.

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