EP 451: How Not to Be Angry at Your Mother with Sarah

In this insightful episode of “Over It and On with It,” host Christine Hasler explores a deeply resonant topic—navigating and resolving anger towards one’s mother. Our guest, Sarah, shares her struggles with frequent negative interactions with her mother, which are often marred by impatience and rudeness, despite her mother’s consistent kindness. This conversation delves into the root causes of Sarah’s feelings, the broader implications of parental relationships, and practical steps for healing and self-nurturing.

Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you have unresolved anger or resentment towards a parent that affects your current interactions?
  • How have your childhood experiences shaped your emotional responses to your parents today?
  • Are you able to meet your emotional needs independently, or do you find yourself seeking fulfillment from your parents?

Guest Insights:

  • Sarah recognizes her anger stems from past unmet needs during her childhood, exacerbated by her mother’s inability to protect her from an abusive situation.
  • The conversation reveals Sarah’s desire for her mother to push back against her, reflecting her unresolved needs for assertiveness and protection.

Aha Moments:

  • Realizing the necessity of mourning the ‘ideal’ parent and accepting the limitations of what one’s parents can provide.
  • Understanding the importance of becoming the source of comfort and security that one sought from their parents.

How to Get Over It:

  • Embrace self-mothering by acknowledging and nurturing one’s inner child.
  • Implementing practical exercises like visualizations where Sarah comforts her younger self, promoting healing.
  • Establishing boundaries and new emotional frameworks that do not rely on parental validation.


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