EP 453: How to Make Changes When You Don’t Have Certainty or a Plan with Liv

In this episode, Christine Hassler coaches Liv, who is experiencing a significant life transition and is unsure about her career and future. Liv has worked with children as a teacher, babysitter, and nanny, but now she feels the urge to explore other professional paths. She struggles with guilt over leaving her current line of work and fears the uncertainty of pursuing new opportunities.

Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Are you feeling the urge to make a change or has a change been forced upon you?
  • How did your upbringing shape your views on failure and success?
  • Do you rely on your job as a safety net?
  • What is your relationship with uncertainty, and are you willing to change your beliefs to improve it?

Guest Insights:

  • Liv is transitioning from a familiar career working with children to exploring new professional opportunities.
  • She feels overwhelmed by the thought of leaving a job that she loves but also wants to pursue personal growth.
  • Liv struggles with balancing her desire to serve others with her need for self-fulfillment.
  • She feels a deep need for control and certainty, which stems from her upbringing, where failure had severe consequences.
  • Liv’s primary challenge is to reprogram her beliefs and embrace uncertainty as part of her growth.

Aha Moments:

  • Liv recognized that her current job should not be seen as a safety net but as a stepping stone to new opportunities.
  • She identified the need to create a new relationship with uncertainty and develop an internal sense of safety.
  • Liv realized that her belief that she cannot make money doing what she loves is a limiting belief that needs updating.

How to Get Over It:

  • Liv should focus on updating her limiting beliefs, such as “I can’t make money doing what I love” to “People are interested in what I have to offer and it adds value to their lives.”
  • Embrace the belief that prioritizing her own growth is not selfish but essential for serving others more effectively.
  • Take one step at a time and recognize that safety and certainty come from within, not from external jobs or situations.
  • Engage in pattern interrupt techniques to shift from fear-based decisions to ones based on authenticity and alignment.


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