EP 455: Breaking Cycles with Your Child with Sabrina

In this episode, Christine Hassler speaks with Sabrina, a single mom struggling to break the cycle of emotional unavailability that has plagued her family for generations. They discuss the importance of self-awareness, healing past wounds, and creating a safe and supportive environment for Sabrina’s son.

Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Did you have a parent that was unavailable, and does feeling disconnected or dismissed trigger you?
  • Are you a parent struggling with your child’s independence and need for space?
  • Do you know that healing starts within, but you’re unsure how to begin?

Guest Insights:

  • Sabrina’s Background: Sabrina is a single mom whose parents were emotionally unavailable. She recognizes that her father’s drinking and her mother’s choice of a similarly unavailable partner impacted her.
  • Current Struggle: Sabrina wants to break this cycle with her 12-year-old son, who is becoming more distant as he grows older.
  • Coaching Challenges: Sabrina’s tendency to over-coach and talk too much is pushing her son away. Her unresolved anger towards men and trust issues further complicate her relationship with her son.

Aha Moments:

  • Mirror Effect: Children reflect their parents’ unresolved issues. Sabrina’s son is mirroring her feelings of being dismissed and not prioritized.
  • Generational Patterns: Breaking the cycle starts with addressing her inner child wounds and not projecting unmet needs onto her son.
  • Letting Go: Sabrina needs to let her son navigate his relationship with his father on his own terms and provide unconditional support without overstepping.

How to Get Over It:

  • Self-Compassion: Acknowledge and be proud of the effort and awareness in tackling tough parental questions.
  • Inner Child Work: Engage in healing work to address unresolved anger and grief towards men and her childhood experiences.
  • Space and Support: Allow her son to explore his relationship with his father while being a supportive presence, not an overprotective one.
  • Professional Help: Consider working with a coach or therapist to navigate the challenges of parenting a tween and personal healing.

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