EP 457: Dealing With Difficult People With Melissa

In this 2017 re-air, we delve into dealing with difficult people, setting boundaries, and compensatory strategies. Melissa shares her struggles with her in-laws’ criticism and lack of support, revealing the challenge of maintaining her self-worth and confidence.


Melissa moved away from her family and friends to be with her husband. Over time, her in-laws’ criticism and lack of support have worn her down. They accuse her of controlling her husband and ruining his life, leading her to question her decisions and struggle with asserting herself. Christine helps Melissa explore her compensatory strategy of people-pleasing and the deeper issues stemming from her past that contribute to her difficulties.

Consider/Ask Yourself

  • Are there difficult people in your life who hurt you, yet you seek their approval?
  • Do you struggle to set boundaries and stand up for yourself?
  • Are you a caretaker who prioritizes others’ happiness over your own?

Guest Insights

  • Melissa moved to be with her husband and now regrets leaving her support system.
  • Her in-laws criticize her, causing her to doubt herself and feel unconfident.
  • After seeing how deeply it affects her, her husband has started to stand up for her.
  • Melissa has a history of being a caretaker and seeks approval from others.

Aha Moments

  • Melissa realizes her lack of confidence stems from trying to fit in and please others.
  • Christine highlights that her in-laws’ behavior mirrors Melissa’s self-doubt.
  • The episode emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and standing firm in truth.

How to Get Over It and On With It

  • Acknowledge your emotions and release pent-up feelings through writing or physical activity.
  • Limit time with unsupportive people and seek out supportive friends.
  • Practice assertive communication by setting clear, respectful boundaries.
  • Focus on self-acceptance and authenticity rather than trying to fit in or please others.


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Join us next week for another insightful episode where we help you get over it and on with the life you love.

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