EP 458: Getting Over Money and Fear Blocks with Mallorie

Welcome to Over It and On With It. I’m Christine Hassler, your host. In this episode, I coach Mallorie through her fear and money blocks, providing a blend of practical and spiritual advice. Join us for an enlightening discussion about internal and external work and uncover actionable insights to overcome your own financial fears.

Summary: Mallorie shares her struggles with fear and limiting beliefs about money, which stem from her childhood experiences. Christine helps her identify the root causes and guides her in shifting her mindset and establishing boundaries. The conversation emphasizes the importance of addressing inner child triggers and creating a new narrative around financial security.

Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you have blocks and fear around money?
  • Do you often say, “I can’t afford it”?
  • Were you raised in a home where money was a source of stress and strain?
  • Do you often doubt your ability to achieve your goals due to financial constraints?

Guest Insights:

  • Fear of judgment and failure, especially around financial security, can stem from childhood experiences.
  • Recognizing that fear is often tied to inner child triggers is crucial for overcoming financial anxiety.
  • Establishing boundaries with family members who perpetuate negative beliefs about money can help break the cycle.

Aha Moments:

  • Acknowledging and addressing fear-based thoughts about money can help shift your mindset.
  • Connecting with your deeper values and desires can motivate you to overcome financial fears.
  • Practical steps, such as handling unexpected expenses calmly and groundedly, are essential.

How to Get Over It:

  • Recognize and affirm that inherited financial fears are not your beliefs.
  • Establish clear boundaries with family members around discussions of money.
  • Shift your focus from fear to gratitude and present-moment safety.
  • Regularly connect with your inner child to provide reassurance and emotional support.


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