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  • You are fed up with dating…you hate swiping, games and desire the real thing.
  • You have “done the work” and are willing to commit to a healthy relationship – and you want a man who has also done his work and is ready for YOU!
  • You are frustrated with thinking there is something you need to “do” or “be” or “fix” in order to be worthy of love.
  • You are confused about what it means to be truly feminine and often wonder if you are “too much” in your masculine – or with just “too much” or “not enough” in general..
  • You want to know more about men, how their mind’s work, and what they truly desire.
  • You have difficulty setting healthy boundaries and attract the wrong man – perhaps you are even still hung up over an ex – and want to stop calling in wounded men.
  • You want to be 100% clear in your body, mind and spirit so you call in a king who is also 100% clear he wants to be with you.
  • You want to enjoy the “calling in” process and stop struggling with loneliness and hopelessness.
  • You want to learn how to clearly communicate and express your needs and desires to a man with clarity (and in a way that does not “scare him away”).
  • You deeply desire a conscious relationship – you want a man to see you, honor you, respect you so that you are safe to be fully self-expressed.
  • You have so much love to share and gifts to give and your heart is bursting to be in a partnership where you can share and give with a man that can match your emotional, physical, and spiritual vibration!!!



You have invested lots of time and money into becoming the best version of you, yet you still feel like something is missing. What is missing is the person to share your life with.

Now you’ve probably been told that you “should” feel complete and enjoy your life without a partner, yet you know in the depths of your heart that life is way too short to live without epic love.

YOU ARE READY FOR LOVE. Epic love. Sacred Union. A Conscious Relationship.

And you know what…. YOU DESERVE IT.



Perhaps the missing link is something you have not quite thought of yet and you need a safe container to express your emotions, receive grounded guidance and support, and gain clarity on how exactly to call in your King.

Perhaps there are some old wounds or limiting beliefs you have not yet uncovered or healed that are in the way. Or perhaps you just need the correct, most aligned information about men, masculinity and relationships.

When you join the Be The Queen program you’ll transform your entire experience of calling in your king. You will be supported and led by your guides Christine Hassler and Stefanos Sifandos, a couple who truly have called in epic love and love helping others do the same. You will gain the kind of confidence and clarity you need to attract the relationship of your dreams. You will heal old wounds and update limiting beliefs. You will get inside information into how the masculine actually thinks, feels, and desires.


  • The program includes over 15 hours of teaching, pre-recorded coaching sessions, and Q&A
  • Weekly activities and exercises that are specifically designed to call in your masculine match
  • Guided meditations and breathwork
  • Tried and tested tools that Christine and Stefanos have used in their own relationship
  • Strategies to deal with difficulty and heart ache in relationship
  • A “calling in your king” co-creation plan complete with “doing” and “being” activities
  • Lessons on conscious dating and relating

PLUS! A once per month LIVE call with Christine and/or Stef!

For one year after you purchase this program, you'll be invited to join live monthly Be the Queen coaching calls hosted by either Christine, Stef, or both of them together. If you cannot join live, the calls will be recorded and made available to you.

... and much more! If you intuitively know this is for you now, trust that and go here.


From Christine…

I’ve been a life coach with a spiritual psychology emphasis since 2004, written three books, speak around the world, facilitate retreats, and host a podcast. Today I’m known as a Master Coach at the top of my field. One could say that I got the finding my purpose thing down. But when it came to finding love, I struggled.

I have checked of nearly every box in the relationship category – twice engaged, once married, once divorced, it’s complicated, single and not looking, single and looking, dating. If I could bottle all the energy I have put into thinking about him, getting him to like me, navigating a relationship with him, breaking up with him, getting over him and looking for him all over again and again . . . I could fuel rocket ships.

So I feel you, sister.

The doubting and the waiting. The holidays alone and New Year’s Eves vowing this will be the year I fall in love! The birthdays celebrated with a hesitation that another year has gone by and I am still single.

The weddings without a plus one. The baby showers wondering if it will ever be my turn as I could feel my clock ticking. The lonely nights where I longed to be held. The kickass things that happened in my career that I longed to celebrate. The terrible dates and swiping/texting frustration.


The crushes that were never requited.The ghosting (seriously WTF is up with ghosting, is it that hard to type or say actual words?!?). The terrible set-ups. The triggering questions: So are you dating anyone? How’s your love life? Have you met someone? How did it go with xyz?

The unsolicited (bad) advice: You really should consider dating someone much older. This app is really great. You are too much in your masculine, be more feminine. Ask men more questions, they like that. You are probably intimidating so don’t talk so much about your career. Oh wow, what you are looking for is too much so you should probably lower your standards a bit.

I will not lie to you. I would NOT want to go through any of the above again. It was hell at times but if I knew how to do it with a bit less suffering than I endured, I would have enjoyed the journey a lot more. I would have had way more gratitude for the sacred window of opportunity I was being given, or on a soul level had chosen. Eventually I got there – to the enjoyment and the gratitude of fully being a Queen while waiting for my King. And then boom! Stefanos, came into my life.

Which brings me to YOU.

I understand the longing in your heart. I know what it feels like to crave partnership while at the same time try to enjoy your single life. I remember the sleepless nights obsessing about someone. The lonely Sunday mornings. I know the fear, sadness and anger you feel. I understand the longing in your heart and I know how hard you have been working on yourself to be the best partner you can. I feel your heartache for all the “him’s” that haven’t worked out, that have hurt you, that have said one thing and done another. I know you often feel hopeless.

And I know you question yourself and wonder what you are doing wrong. You are NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. You are on a journey right now that, like mine, is full of treasures that you didn’t even know you were seeking. You are on your way to sacred union.

I know the terrain of walking the path to your King inside and out and I would be honored to be a guide on your journey to warn you of the potholes, show you the shortcuts, and hold your hand when the journey is challenging. You will indeed discover the King that will see you and honor you as the Queen that you are.

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For reasons unbeknownst to me last year, I self-sabotaged after I joined the program and did not keep up with the materials. In the past few weeks, something has changed and lifted and I am now embracing and taking the time for myself to do the course and love work and LOVING it.

Thank you so so much for allowing us lifetime access otherwise I would not be having this incredible growth and release/relief which the work is bringing.

I have just done the letting go ceremony and wow so much magic occurred afterward which instilled and confirmed to me the power of energy and the fact this course is exactly where I need to be, when I need to be there.

- Rachael

Screenshot 2021-02-11 125907

Stef is a gifted human being who has been blessed with the genuine ability to see and heal. I am so thankful for his guidance, love and support, but mostly for his depth of understanding that defies and challenges the conventional. I think that’s the very reason why it works – because life just isn’t like that.

- Hannah

Screenshot 2021-02-11 125907

Christine is without question one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s an absolute genius of getting the stuck unstuck. If you’re readyto change the way you are thinking about your life, your body, your job … whatever … Christine is the one you want cheering you on.

- Alexa

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I just moved back to the city and am finally a working RN. You helped me so much when I was in a such a rough place and |I am constantly in aw of where I am now and how much that helped me to grow. I am grateful for the part you played in my transformation.

- Shelley

From Stefanos…

I have been a coach and transformational leader for over a decade. I am deeply passionate about helping women step into their power so that they may dissolve the fears holding them back.

I am here to help you experience what depth and presence feels like in a man. I feel your heart. I see your struggles. I am here to support your journey, welcome all of you and help you feel fully your own power so that you may bring that to the world and to your beloved in deepened connection.

I will provide an example of healthy masculinity so that you, the feminine embodiment, can step organically into your core essence. I am committed to holding a safe space for you so that you can trust men again – because there are great men out there. I have also felt the kind of longing that you have for epic love – from the man’s perspective.


I spent many years in unfulfilling relationships. I engaged in unhealthy patterns like lying, cheating, and not being fully ready to be in a relationship but being in one anyway. I know the in’s and out’s about what is frustrating you about men. I have broken hearts. I’ve also had my heart broken many times. Yet deep down I knew I was destined for epic love and invested my time and money into healing whatever was in my way.

Today I am married to the love of my life, Christine, who spent nearly a decade looking for me. Sacred Union is my passion and I love helping women call in healthy and lasting love.

I’ve coached hundreds of women on the topic of love and relationships and am known for holding a very clean, safe, and empowering container for women. It will be my privilege to guide you through this journey.

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Anyone whoever has the opportunity or truly the pleasure of working with Christine, should seize the moment and be confident in the knowing you will walk away a better person with new tools and an enhanced awareness of the value you bring to this world!

- Hannah

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Stefanos has the ability to truly go deep in to helping me understand men, the masculine mind and to help me understand what men are aligned with me and my values. The insight provided in to masculine and feminine states really helped me see who I was and learn deeper how to attract healthy men.

- Laura

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Your example of healthy masculinity allowed me to explore my own belief system around what it is to be a woman, to be a woman in relationship to men and to fully trust a man for the first time ever. Thank you for this Stef! I am overjoyed by the peace I have experienced from doing this work with you.

- Dawn


The Be the Queen program is your opportunity to truly heal deeper, get perspective, and design a self-honoring path for calling in a healthy, loving relationship. It’s an opportunity to gain clarity on what matters to you and magnetize a man worthy of your heart, body, and gifts, while also learning more about the in’s and out’s of how men think and feel!

Stefanos and Christine has created this program for truly exceptional women who want truly exceptional relationships. Exceptional simply because they have a real desire to live consciously and co-create conscious relationships. Does that person and desired relationship sound like you?


  • Mastery and embodiment of polarity and masculine/feminine dynamics and communication
  • Shift old wounding so your heart can be fully open
  • Clear any unconscious patterns of fear, scarcity or rigidity holding you back from living fully in and out of relationship
  • Exercises that will attract a man that aligns with you
  • Healthy ways to deal with loneliness or hopelessness that is often part of waiting for the right man
  • Master the most effective and non-emasculating ways to speak your needs to a man
  • How to call in a man who is aligned with your values and interests and to learn how to deal with this when he does not
  • Learn the difference between operating from a healthy and unhealthy blueprint. We will delve into the shadow and clear up any feelings of loss, parental wounding and open the heart to receiving what you deserve
  • Receive unconditional love and support from Stefanos and your sisters
  • A place to ask any questions from deeper issues to how to respond to a confusing text from a man you went on a date with
  • Be seen, understood, heard and known for who you are

You are far too powerful, loving and beautiful to live without epic love. To go on repeating the same dating or relationships patterns. To spend another birthday or holiday alone. Too many women are listening to bad dating advice and continuing to live with broken and empty hearts. It doesn’t have to be this way for you!

Ready to begin your journey of calling in your King?

One-Time Investment $1197


  • The program includes over 15 hours of teaching, pre-recorded coaching sessions, and Q&A
  • Activities and exercises that are specifically designed to call in your masculine match
  • A “calling in your king” co-creation plan complete with “doing” and “being” activities
  • Insights for creating the “right” circumstances in order to attract the “right” man in your life through a unique system she has created
  • Lessons on conscious dating and relating
  • Guided meditations and breathwork
  • Strategies to deal with difficulty and heart ache in relationship
  • Tried and tested tools that Christine and Stefanos have used in their own relationship
  • A self-guided ceremony to celebrate and honor your completion of the program

JUST ADDED! Live Monthly Call Support

For one year after you purchase this program, you'll be invited to join live monthly Be the Queen coaching calls hosted by either Christine, Stef, or both of them together. If you cannot join live, the calls will be recorded and made available to you.

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The amazing, loving and supportive dynamic Christine and Stef bring to Be The Queen is the secret sauce that helped me ultimately call in the relationship of my dreams. It strengthened the trust I have in the Universe and in myself!

- Erin

Screenshot 2021-02-11 125907

My dating experience has really transformed because I feel empowered and I know what I will accept and what I will not accept. I learned so much about myself and men. I am now dating a conscious man who values ‘doing the work’ that I feel so seen by. I’m so happy!

- Cara

Screenshot 2021-02-11 125907

Stef and Christine guide you to do things that you would never do on your own. This isn’t “dating how to’s” – this is an in-depth comprehensive program where you are in a sacred container. I have fully owned the amazing, goddess queen that I am. It is an epic program that has transformed my dating life for the better and I recommend it to everyone

- Melissa


This is a safe, sacred and confidential space to express, enquire and show your truth. You are ready, willing and able to BE the queen and call in your King. Investing in this program is an investment in yourself and your future relationship.

Yes! Be the Queen is a program that ultimately will help you to fall more deeply in love with yourself, and to embrace your feminine aspects. You might be surprised at the changes you see in your relationship as a result!

The Be the Queen program is fully self-paced. You can go through it in a weekend, or you can go through it over the course of a year. You will have lifetime access to the program.

Yes! There will be an opportunity once per month for a call with one or both of them. If the live time does not work with your schedule, you will be able to access the recording.

Have other questions about the program? Schedule a call here and see if it is right for you!