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Coaches Corner: Compassion is a requirement for health with Dr. Nzinga Harrison

This episode is a hug for your mind and your heart. Well-respected physician and educator, Dr. Nzing Harrison joins Christine to speak about how to cope with all the stress of this year, why compassion is a requirement for your brain and health, how to identify and deal with addiction or unhealthy coping strategies and…

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EP 280: How Working Too Hard on Yourself is a Block to What You Desire with Dani

This call is about self-acceptance and leading a fully-expressed life. Dani calls in looking for guidance on how to get out of the funk she is in. She feels unmotivated and burned out. But, as we discuss, the beautiful thing about burnout is that it is a wake-up call to tell us we are living…

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Coaches Corner: The Art of the Impossible with Steven Kotler

In this episode you’ll learn why everyone (even you!!) is wired for peak performance. Steven Kotler New York Times bestselling author and peak performance expert—on a science-based approach to unleash our full potential and succeed against all odds. During a time when it’s easy to give up, Kotler teaches us how to exceed our limitations…

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EP 279: Moving from Unhealthy to Healthy Relationships with Elizabeth

This call is about breaking out of patterns and unhealthy relationships. Elizabeth calls in asking for daily mantras, actions, and tools to help her feel worthy of a loving relationship. She is struggling with enoughness. She wants to get over a “toxic” relationship from her past and truly embrace, rather than sabotage, the healthy relationship…

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Coaches Corner: Become the sexually confident person you were meant to be with A’magine

Christine’s guest today is A’magine, a sex educator and author who guides people into sexual empowerment. A’magine has been teaching and speaking about sexuality for over two decades, including her TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power.” She is author of Woman on Fire: Nine Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual…

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EP 278: Break Your Addiction to Negative Thinking with Danielle

Do you know the value of positive thinking but just can’t seem to shift out of negative thinking? This coaching session is about expectations and shifting negative patterns. During this call, we examine Danielle’s past to understand what formed her current expectations and get to the root of why she is sabotaging herself in relationships….

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