LIVE Group Coaching & Guided Meditation
with Christine Hassler

May 28th at 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern

$20 with limited spots available and the entire recording
will be mailed to you if you cannot join us live.

In this special live call I’ll be answering
YOUR questions about…

  • Relationships… from dating to dealing with conflict to bringing the spark back after years of marriage
  • Money… making more of it, getting out of debt, and stop saying “I can’t afford it”
  • Purpose… maybe you’re wondering what the heck you are supposed to with your life
  • Just about anything else you can think of! No question is too big or too small for this special live event.

This is your chance to get one-on-one coaching from me and uncover answers that may have been elusive for you in the past.

LIVE Group Coaching & Meditation
Hosted by Christine Hassler

Tuesday, May 28th at 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern

90 Minutes

Just $20 (with limited spots available)

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