Healing Your Inner Child

3 Day Virtual Workshop

Led by Christine Hassler & Stefanos Sifandos

October 8th - 10th, 2021

Many of us so-called grown ups are not truly adults at all. Chronologically you have gotten older but unless you heal the wounds from your childhood, growing into your full potential as an adult is challenging to say the least. The hurt we experienced as a child stays with us as adults, and we keep acting out the same hurt unless we heal it and resolve it.

Your inner child resides in your unconscious mind and governs 95% of your emotions, thoughts and behaviors! It is a highly sensitive part of you that is constantly seeking safety, acknowledgment and love. You were once a child and that child lives within you.


Not physically but metaphorically real. It is a psychological reality, most seemingly “uncontrollable” feelings and destructive behavior patterns are related to this unconscious part of yourself. But most adults are quite unaware of their inner child and this lack of conscious awareness is precisely where so many difficulties stem from.


  • Low or no of self-confidence
  • Constant feeling of not being enough or being too much
  • Financial struggles
  • Getting rejected
  • Lack of career success
  • Anxiety
  • Not knowing what your purpose is
  • Codependency or relying on others to make you feel happy, safe and loved
  • Addiction
  • Eating disorders
  • Weight and/or health issues
  • Being in a relationship with a narcissist
  • Cycling toxic / abusive relationships
  • Depression
  • Lack of deep friendships and connection
  • People pleasing
  • Intimacy issues
  • Difficulty trusting people
  • Controlling behaviour and discomfort with uncertainty

And much more!!

In order to have the adult life you desire, you must take responsibility for parenting your own inner child. But if you are like most people, you have spent years denying, neglecting, judging, or abandoning your inner child.

Therefore you have continued to experience frustration and difficulty in numerous aspects of your life. You may also experience having the same kind of problem or issue show up over and over again no matter what you do to try and “fix” it.

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Here are just some situations that cause inner child wounding:

  • Parents getting divorce
  • Any kind of emotional, mental, physical or sexual abuse
  • Being physically different as a child (overweight, underweight, taller, shorter, different race, early or late bloomer, disability, etc)
  • Being told by a parent or any authority figure that you were “too much” or “not enough” in some way
  • Having extremely strict or religiously zealous parents
  • Growing up in chaos
  • Moving to different cities a lot
  • Feeling unsafe
  • A parent that abandoned you physically or emotionally
  • Getting teased or bullied

There is a LOT that happens to you in childhood when your brain and belief system are being programmed that dramatically impacts how you think, react and attract as an adult.

Yet society doesn’t encourage you to tend to your inner child. Instead you feel the collective pressure to be productive, successful, and hustle which only reinforces the “not-enoughness” that the inner child feels.

True transformation requires accepting, acknowledging and processing what happened to you in childhood so you stop recreating similar experiences as an adult. You must give that little boy or little girl inside what he or she never got as a child.

  • IC Photos

    “From the moment I heard about the inner child workshop I knew in the depths of my being that I had to sign up and I am so glad that I did! This workshop is life changing because it has helped me realise the importance of accepting and loving all parts of myself. My inner children are parts of my intuition and just want to be accepted, nurtured and loved. My inner children are so wise! I realise after doing this work that I am not alone and that I am always guided, as I tap into the feelings and emotions in my body. What a beautiful experience it has been and I am super excited for the future. Thank you so much to Christine, Stef, Jill and everyone that attended the workshop for creating a safe and super loving space. I would recommend this workshop time and time again!!”


  • Allie

    “A self-proclaimed “Personal Development Junkie,” as Christine lovingly calls it, I’ve felt stuck in all aspects of my life for years. My anxiety was wreaking havoc over me. Investing in this retreat for myself was wholeheartedly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    This retreat not only teaches you to understand logically how these dots connect- but more importantly holds a safe space for you to actually experience those emotions, move through them with compassion, and finally set them free! If you’ve “tried it all” and you have yet to see real and tangible results in your life, Christine’s Healing Your Inner Child retreat will undoubtedly deliver the transformation you’re yearning for!”


  • Emily

    “It felt a bit strange to sign up for an inner child workshop. I had never really thought about mine before but have listened to many of Christine’s podcast and was curious. I was also a bit nervous because it was an online workshop. The two combined was thee perfect concoction. I had the privacy, comfort and steadiness of my own home with all the tools I needed.

    I was so disconnected from my inner child, my little Em but given their guidance and exercises I feel completely on fire and full of so much love for myself and it is radiating into all areas and relationships in my life. It was great to have Christine and Stef’s guidance. I was most amazed with my inner child’s response to the non-dominant hand exercises! I am forever grateful.”


But HOW??

This is exactly what we will teach you in this workshop. We will support you in stopping the cycle of neglecting or shaming your inner child and reconnect you to the innocence, joy, sensitivity, and creativity that is the very essence of you!

What you will learn and experience in this transformational three-day workshop:


How to actually find and connect with your inner child so that it actually feels real to you


Understand the basics of your brain so that you deeply know how and why your inner child impacts your adult life


Identify the exact ways your inner child is crying out for help through sabotage, procrastination, anxiety, fear, rebellious, or needy behavior


Processes to talk with your inner child and find out what he or she needs so that you have less anxiety and stress


Processes to talk with your inner child and find out what he or she needs so that you have less anxiety and stress


A guided journey back to childhood challenging events that will empower you to heal past trauma without having to relive it


Facilitated breathwork to support you in bringing up repressed emotions and releasing them in a healthy way


Somatic (in the body) processes to release suppressed feelings and regulate your nervous system


Tools to master your emotions and thoughts so the adult you is running your life instead of your wounded inner child


How to re-parent your inner child and give him or her what you did not receive from your actual parents or care-takers


Virtual breakout room experiences so that you can share in intimate settings, clarify deeper your thoughts and begin to shift shame and confusion


One-on-one coaching from Christine and Stef


Take home tools to continue to connect with your inner child on a daily basis

After completing this workshop you will have more clarity and confidence. You will notice that things that used to trigger you a lot either trigger you a lot less or not at all. You will attract better relationships and opportunities in your life. Your current relationship and health will improve. Financial blocks will begin to dissolve. Your creativity and playfulness will be unleashed. You will feel a massive sense of relief and self-love!

Throughout the entire weekend, we will be holding a VERY safe and healthy space for you as we model the healthy feminine / mother and masculine / father energy as you learn how to re-parent yourself. You can think of us as your temporary “mom and dad” for the weekend.

Collectively we have over 30 years of experience guiding individuals through this kind of healing work.  We know how critically powerful it is to heal the inner child. Your life doesn’t transform until you give that little one inside the time, attention, and love he or she has been craving for YEARS.

  • Luana

    “The Inner Child Healing Workshop was INCREDIBLE. One of the best experience in my life. It was an amazing experience and it was great it was virtual because I could really dive in deep. I have learned so much about myself in this one weekend than in the rest of my life.

    I felt safe, seen and heard throughout the workshop, even if I was alone in my room and there were many other people in the workshop. The energy was amazing.

    I feel so connected to my inner child Lulu’, we are speaking every day, playing a lot and going on adventures. I am just so happy right now, I feel motivated and inspired. And as well empowered. Doing this workshop was the best thing ever.”


  • Maria

    “When Christine first started talking about the Healing Your Inner Child Weekend Workshop, I did not have to give it a second though. I immediately knew that I wanted and would be part of it. What I never knew, is how much the workshop would change my life and I feel like a completely different woman. I feel more confident, I have more self-worth, I feel lighter, I feel more complete.

    The exercises were all perfectly set up throughout the training and complimented each other. Everything flowed smoothly and even though the workshop was virtual, it in no way changed the effectiveness of it.  I do not have the words to accurately depict how amazing this training workshop was. It’s been almost two weeks since the workshop ended and I have never felt better. I feel ALIVE!!!”


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    “I absolutely LOVED the Inner Child workshop!

    I’ve been to many workshops with Christine and Stef and they’re all incredible, but this was one of the best. I was curious what a short intensive virtual retreat would be like – but I was delighted at the power, safety, and community I received. I was surprised, but it was honestly equally powerful if not more so than an in person retreat.

    There’s something so safe and nurturing about going through your full range of feelings in the comfort of home, with your own favorite blanket. My little girl is so happy to have a voice again! Thank you Christine and Stef, every time I join an experience with you I receive exactly the nurturing guidance I need to take my next steps in life. I’m so grateful!”


  • Carson

    “Throughout this workshop, I learned just how joyful my inner child once was. I learned that he is mad older Carson for abandoning him and his needs in order to try and please others. He is also mad at him for giving his keys of happiness to other people. Little Carson is scared of his family when they are angry and toxic and wants older Carson take his hand and say We got this and never let go.

    The most important take away was how to parent myself to my inner child. When I take this personally going on around me, it is my inner child being triggered. The good news is, older Carson can parent younger Carson and give him the safety and security he needs. He will never let go of Little Carson’s hand.”


Here are the details…


October 8th: 4pm – 8pm CT

October 9th: 10am – 7pm CT

October 10th: 10am – 7pm CT

***Note there will also be breaks during the course of the program and recordings will be available within 6 hours of each session for 30 days after the event


Virtual From Anywhere



Or choose 2 monthly payments

  • Jen D

    “The most important relationship is the relationship we have with ourselves and our inner children. This workshop also gives me a perspective as a parent. I know what I should do to give my children the childhood that they do not have to heal from when they grow up.

    The world won’t heal until all of the inner children heal themselves. I’m grateful for the amazing opportunity to heal the wound that I have been caring for three decades.

    -Jen D.

  • Megan

    “The Inner Child Workshop was a backhoe to my childhood. An access point that provided deep clarity, excavating the layers of dirt that have been burying me for decades. Christine and Stef held the “archeological” space for me to dig deep, where I now feel into living and I can hear my heart speak. I’ve been unearthed and know I’m ready to shine on.”


  • IC Photos (3)

    “Of all relationships in our lives, our relationship with self is the most important one yet I was struggling with mine.

    The disconnect with my inner self was causing me a lot of anxiety, resentment, poor decision making and emotional emptiness for many years. I was trying to “attain” happiness by achieving and was not getting anywhere.

    While attending the Healing Your Inner Child virtual retreat, I began to see the connections between my current behavior and what happened to me when I was little. I began to break free of the past huts that were controlling my life.

    It gave me a tremendous freedom to enjoy my life.”


Have questions? Click here to set up a call and get them answered.

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What will I need to participate?
  • Private and comfortable space to sit
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Space to lay down and also move
  • Computer / Tablet / Phone
  • Earphones – wired or wireless (not necessary, but useful)
  • Eye mask or something to cover your eyes
  • Access to power outlet
  • Good WiFi access
  • Writing apparatus (pen and journal)
What if I can’t make it live?

No problem. The entire event will be recorded and you can watch at your own pace. The only thing you will miss by not attending live is virtual partner break-out sessions and a chance to ask us questions live. But will receive all curriculum and learning. You will have access to the recording for 30 days after the virtual workshop ends.

But what if I’m in another country outside of the US and the time zones are more challenging to make?

If you don’t want to stay up so late or get up super early, that’s okay. The afternoon and evening sessions will be emailed out so you could watch the ones you missed as soon as you get them and then rejoin us live when the time works.

Can I do this with my partner?

Yes, absolutely!! Partners that do inner child work at the same time will evolve their relationship dramatically into a more healthy version. Please buy two separate tickets and have separate devices so you can do the group and partner work with others in the virtual group. We do not recommend doing the partner work with your romantic partner.

What if I can’t remember my childhood?

That is NO problem!! You do not have to remember specific details of your childhood to receive the healing work from this workshop.

What if I didn’t have a traumatic or really hard childhood?

Every single person has had things that happened in their childhood that were difficult. We often tend to minimize certain events because we don’t think they were traumatic “enough” to impact us today. Yet every time you felt unsafe or unseen or shamed or nervous or scared as a child sits in your unconscious mind. You did not have to have a really traumatic or abusive childhood to need inner child healing. 

I’m scared, I’ve had a lot of childhood trauma, am I ready for this?

We leave that up to your intuition. It’s natural to feel scared but if you have a deep gut feeling of NO, then honor that. If you are nervous but ready, we encourage you to join us and trust that we will guide you gently through the process. You will never be pushed to do things that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You may pay in 2 monthly payments instead of a single payment. If you are needing more financial support, please email and we can do our best to work with you on a payment plan.

Is this workshop refundable?

Since this is a live event that happens very soon with a limited number of spaces available, this workshop is non-refundable.

Have more questions?

Email us at or call 714-924-5868. We’re committed to you having the most incredible retreat experience.