Healing Your Inner Child

Level 1 & Level 2 Virtual Workshop Bundle

Led by Christine Hassler & Stefanos Sifandos

Get instant access to the Level 1 & Level 2 Healing Your Inner Child Virtual Workshops

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This bundle includes everything you need to be guided by Christine & Stefanos via instant access to this pre-recorded workshop.

When you register, you’ll get instant access to both level one and level two workshop recordings.

In both workshops, we will be with you every step of the way holding a loving and safe space for you to do this sacred work. Since completing level one is a requirement for this workshop, this bundle is the only way for you to access level two!


What You’ll Learn:


How to actually find and connect with your inner child so that it actually feels real to you


Understand the basics of your brain so that you deeply know how and why your inner child impacts your adult life


Identify the exact ways your inner child is crying out for help through sabotage, procrastination, anxiety, fear, rebellious, or needy behavior


Processes to talk with your inner child and find out what he or she needs so that you have less anxiety and stress


A guided journey back to childhood challenging events that will empower you to heal past trauma without having to relive it


Somatic (in the body) processes to release suppressed feelings and regulate your nervous system


Tools to master your emotions and thoughts so the adult you is running your life instead of your wounded inner child


How to re-parent your inner child and give him or her what you did not receive from your actual parents or care-takers


Take home tools to continue to connect with your inner child on a daily basis


What You’ll Learn:


In depth lessons around the inner child and inner parent archetypes


Final forgiveness of your parents and/or anyone else who has hurt you


Practices to enhance the connection and dialogue between you and your inner child


Processes to rescue your little one from scary and/or hurtful situations so you no longer carry around fear and anxiety


Healthy reparenting and parenting techniques (this will also make you a better parent to your own children)


Tools for more effective communication with others (especially those who trigger you the most)


How to unleash repressed creativity and expression


Ways to feel uninhibited and safe in intimate relationships (hint: your sex life will improve!)


Various guided visualizations and meditation sessions


Neuroscience basics when it comes to the inner child. Learn how the inner child actually works in your brain and how to deal with anxiety, heightened emotions and overwhelm


Partner exercises

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  • IC Photos

    “From the moment I heard about the inner child workshop I knew in the depths of my being that I had to sign up and I am so glad that I did! This workshop is life changing because it has helped me realise the importance of accepting and loving all parts of myself. My inner children are parts of my intuition and just want to be accepted, nurtured and loved. My inner children are so wise! I realise after doing this work that I am not alone and that I am always guided, as I tap into the feelings and emotions in my body. What a beautiful experience it has been and I am super excited for the future. Thank you so much to Christine, Stef, Jill and everyone that attended the workshop for creating a safe and super loving space. I would recommend this workshop time and time again!!”


  • Allie

    “A self-proclaimed “Personal Development Junkie,” as Christine lovingly calls it, I’ve felt stuck in all aspects of my life for years. My anxiety was wreaking havoc over me. Investing in this retreat for myself was wholeheartedly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

    This retreat not only teaches you to understand logically how these dots connect- but more importantly holds a safe space for you to actually experience those emotions, move through them with compassion, and finally set them free! If you’ve “tried it all” and you have yet to see real and tangible results in your life, Christine’s Healing Your Inner Child retreat will undoubtedly deliver the transformation you’re yearning for!”




Level One:

Level One recordings will be sent to you immediately upon purchase. There are 10 1-2 hour video sessions which you can work through at any time.

Level Two:

Level Two recordings will also be sent to you immediately upon purchase so that you can complete this workshop after you have completed Level One.


At the time that works best for you.


Virtual From Anywhere


Regular Enrollment Per Class $597

Level 1 & Level 2 Bundle Discounted Price $994

Or choose 2 monthly payments

  • Megan

    “The Inner Child Workshop was a backhoe to my childhood. An access point that provided deep clarity, excavating the layers of dirt that have been burying me for decades. Christine and Stef held the “archeological” space for me to dig deep, where I now feel into living and I can hear my heart speak. I’ve been unearthed and know I’m ready to shine on.”


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  • Private and comfortable space to sit 
  • Pillow
  • Blanket
  • Space to lay down and also move
  • Computer / Tablet / Phone
  • Earphones – wired or wireless (not necessary, but useful)
  • Eye mask or something to cover your eyes
  • Access to power outlet
  • Good WiFi access
  • Writing apparatus (pen and journal)

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