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Join Us For

Journey to Joy

A Three Day Workshop to Reconnect with Your Inner Child and Awaken Your Authentic Self

With Master Coaches, Christine Hassler & Stefanos Sifandos

This workshop is for you if….

  • You’re ready to experience joy, peace, and FUN (maybe for the first time in years)!
  • You experience having the same kind of problem or issue show up over and over again no matter what you do to try and “fix” it (financial struggles, career blocks, relationship disappointments, health challenges)
  • Your life is okay - perhaps even “good” - but there are some areas of your life where you continue to feel frustrated and stuck
  • The disagreements you have in your most important relationships don’t match the situation… almost like there is something from your past that is causing you to react in BIG ways to small issues
  • You deal with anxiety, procrastination, self-sabotage, and/or overwhelm

Get Access to the Workshop Replays Here

Ready to stop banging your head against the wall over the same frustrations, challenges, and issues and instead get into alignment with your purpose and grow in a brand new way?

If something inside of you is saying YES…

Let us teach you how to connect with that voice.

We’ve taken hundreds of people through some of these exact processes, take a look at their results!


Here are a few wins that we recently celebrated with some past workshop participants!

“Since reconnecting with my inner child, my entire family has changed for the better! My marriage has improved significantly - my husband and I have stopped arguing over the same things. I am also a much better parent because I am more connected to my own inner child. There is more joy and peace in our home and I know 100% it’s from the inner child work I have done."


If you want results like this, be sure to join the live workshop!

Meet Your Hosts

Christine Headshot

I’m your host, Christine Hassler. For over 20 years I have worked hundreds of clients to help them guide themselves to clarity with compassion.

I have a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology and have trained in NLP, psychology, spirituality, science, and of course, life experience.

I’m offering this FREE 3-Day Workshop because I have seen firsthand how much of a difference inner child work has made. Nothing brings more rapid results than connecting with that sweet soul inside of you.

I’ve been blessed to work with thousands of people from all over the world: Elite Special Forces soldiers, Olympic Gold Medalists, high-performing CEOs and entrepreneurs, world champion fighters, couples wanting to deepen and/or heal their relationship and individuals with substantial mental health issues.

And do you know the ONE thing that all of those clients have in common? They all needed some kind of support with their inner child.

I’m honored that I get to assist individuals in actualising the fullness of their potentiality and I look forward to helping you in this free 3-Day Workshop.