Discover how to move past heartache and attract healthy and fulfilling relationships.


Just the word alone triggers pain and memories we’d rather forget.

Unfortunately, we all go through heartache sometimes especially when it comes to love.

It doesn’t matter if:

  • you’re in the midst of a breakup or went through one a while ago
  • you’re the one who was broken up with or the one who left the relationship
  • you’ve been dating for a while with no success
  • or you’re single and just not happy about it

…heartbreak affects us all at some point.

And when we get stuck in it, the resulting feelings can really be tough:

  • There’s the loneliness that can make you feel like something’s missing from your life… you have so much to share with a partner.
  • There’s the pain that comes with breakups… you may feel like you’ll never be able to get over your ex and move on.
  • There’s the feeling of being left behind… it seems everyone else you know is happily paired up.
  • There’s the fear of opening your heart to someone new… you may have put up walls to protect yourself from getting hurt again.
  • And of course, there are the growing doubts… maybe you’re beginning to lose faith that you’ll ever have the love you want.


But if there’s one thing I want you to know right now, it’s this:

You absolutely can have a love that’s fulfilling, healthy, and passionate.

Hi, I’m Christine, and over the past decade that I’ve been a master life coach and spiritual counselor, the number one issue that clients have come to me about is this: relationships.

Let’s face it: Love can hurt. Love is sometimes complicated.

And yet, love is the very thing we crave the most above all else.

Unfortunately, we don’t get a love manual when we come into this world.

That’s why I help people get the love they truly deserve (and we all deserve love!) by re-writing their love stories in order to:

  • Heal the past and feel happy and fulfilled again.
  • Gain clarity on who they are and what they really want out of love and life.
  • Open their hearts again to romance, fun, and new experiences.
  • And develop a self-love practice that helps them feel good about themselves, worthy of love, and excited about life.

Here’s the truth: nothing has grown me more emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and even financially than love. My relationships, breakups, and everything I’ve learned about myself through it all have taught me my most valuable life lessons.

Once upon a time, I was deep in the trenches of my own excruciating heartbreak.

Six months before our wedding, my fiancé unexpectedly broke up with me. It led to what no doubt was the lowest point of my life. I could literally feel the pain in my heart. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, and I couldn’t seem to move on with my life.

I thought I’d never get over losing my ‘one true love’. I was convinced there was something inherently wrong with me that meant I’d never have the fulfilling relationship of my dreams.   

But then one day, I made the decision to get past the hurt and move forward with my life.

I got help.

I learned.

I healed.

I grew.

I made changes.

I worked on myself like never before, leading to an incredible journey of self-discovery and personal transformation that would forever change me.

I built my career, my spiritual path, and a wealth of empowering friendships. I became my own best partner.

I built my career, my spiritual path, and a wealth of empowering friendships.

And now I can attract the best match to me in my relationships because I know exactly who I am. I no longer have to compromise or settle.

But the best part? I know how to live a rich, fulfilling, and happy life outside of a relationship.

I don’t need someone to complete me, make me whole, or give my life purpose. I do that for myself, and I’ve accomplished it while still keeping my heart open to love without any of the suffering or loneliness.

Once I saw the results in my own life, I built a special system with tested techniques, proven processes, and trusted tools so that I could help other people create change in their love lives as well.

Since then, I’ve led over 30 personal development retreats and have worked with thousands of people in one-on-one and group coaching sessions. I’ve become a highly sought-after speaker, a master coach, the bestselling author of published books, host of a top-rated podcast… and most recently became the relationship coach on a primetime television reality show about love and marriage!


Now I’m standing in your corner and want to help you get over heartbreak so you can get on with love!

So, let me ask you this:
Are you ready for your transformation?


  • Becoming the happiest you’ve ever been in your life (regardless of your relationship status!) because you’ve discovered how to tap into the infinite supply of love already inside your heart and all around you in the world.
  • Finally healing and letting go of all the hurts, heartaches, and hang-ups that are holding you back from attracting the partner of your dreams.
  • Breaking the negative patterns and busting the myths that have determined how you show up in your relationships so that instead, you’re calling romance into your life from a place of strength, confidence, and power.
  • Waking up with excitement, eager to see the opportunities for love all around you because you’ve shifted into alignment with what you truly want out of life and out of your relationships.
  • Living life to the fullest with joy, laughter, and an appetite for new experiences so that you’re actually enjoying dating with an open heart and a sense of fun.
  • Honoring your truths and desires with respect and love so that you’re attracting relationships that are nourishing, exciting, and passionate.

What members have to say about the program:

“What I love most about Christine is that she’s right there with you, as you process your behavior and step into the feeling of love! And after completing her Love Course, I have truly had the confidence to let go of my grasp on dating and understand what it is to be 100% myself. I had spent over 10 years boy crazy and frustrated, searching for the perfect love. I was focusing so insanely on the outside, obsessing on dating apps, complaining and calling up friends with the latest “can you believe this” story, changing myself constantly in hopes of attracting the right guy. Through this course, I got rid of so many old habits that I now recognize as low value that were doing nothing for ME, as a woman! There are so many amazing tools that got me out of the negative victim mindset and shifted the focus onto the person I am. All in all, this course helped me slow down and just sit, and be me in total acceptance of myself!”


“I want to thank you SO much for the opportunity to go through this course. It has (and will continue to be) of tremendous value to me as I work through my own current breakup. We had been together for 2.5 years and were “madly in love”, but a lot of that time was spent breaking up and making up and there was a real struggle to make the relationship work on a day to day level. Christine has a beautiful way of cutting through the crap and really making behaviour insightful. She helped me to see what was missing in my relationship and the top 5 breakup rules were invaluable to my healing. This has been an amazing journey for me and after taking this course I am in such a better place than I was 3 months ago. I don’t blame anyone for what went wrong. I feel very positive about my ability to give and receive love in the future and I am very excited about bringing in new love when I am ready. Plus, I really like how the course is designed so you can move at your own pace. It’s great how the modules not only allow you to break the work up into smaller chunks, but actively encourage taking time and moving at whatever pace feels good to you. Christine really is such an amazing soul. Her grace and the way she advises us to move forward in such a loving way is rare and so inspirational. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


“I’ve paid powers of 10 more than that for therapy, and the truth is that the biggest breakthroughs and a-ha moments have come as a result of this course. I seriously can’t thank you enough, or express my gratitude strongly enough. This course is fantastic if you commit yourself to doing the work.”


This course helping me slow down. And just sit, and be me! There are so many amazing tools to get me out of the negative victim mindset and shift my focus on the person I am, and shift to the millions of opportunities to connect in many ways to other people, both men AND women! What I love about Christine is that she’s right there with you, as you process your behavior and step into the feeling of love! After completing Christine’s course I have truly had the confidence to let go of my grasp and understand what it is to you 100% myself.


Get Over Your Breakup and On with Love was just what I needed after feeling stagnant from my first heartbreak. Each section provided a healing process that was much needed. I have since elevated my personal self-development, self-care, and self- love. Since the course, love in many forms has been falling into my lap. I’m so happy I was able to have experienced this as a resource to really attract the love I want!



Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love is the only online course of its kind and is revolutionary in the way it teaches about love, dating, and relationships.

You’ve probably heard it said that if you want to create the most change in your love life, you have to change your relationship with yourself.

But it goes so much more beyond just setting up a self-love practice.

There’s also deep, internal work that has to be done if you want real lasting transformation in your love life.

The problem is, too often, we shy away from doing this work. Instead, we seek to numb the pain of our heartbreak and we move from one relationship to another without giving ourselves time in between to process our lessons.

The result? We repeat the same negative patterns again and again. We attract the same type of partner, the same type of messes, and yes: the same type of heartbreaks, too.

Or we just give up on love completely and block it from coming into our lives by guarding our heart because we fear the rejection and pain so much.

That’s why I decided it was time to bring my proven methods and streamlined processes into a specially designed online program all about relationships.

Other courses rarely take your hand and guide you in doing this in-depth and life-changing work.

And my holistic methodology means that we’ll be covering all bases when it comes to relationships: the emotional, the spiritual, the physical, the behavioral, and the mental.

Here’s what we’ll work on throughout the course:

MODULE 1: Welcome! Let’s begin to get over heartache and on with LOVE!!
  • Shift from victimhood to empowerment with one simple question so you can start unpacking the lessons from your past to discover what you really want in a partner and relationship
  • Heal the issues and change your beliefs that are impacting the way you approach relationships so you start attracting a different kind of person and end up in a healthier relationship
  • Remove old patterns and take 100% responsibility for your life so you become a magnet for the type of love you want
MODULE 2: Get Over Your Breakup & Old Heartache
  • Discover the top 5 breakup rules that will help you finally get over your ex and move on with your life more quickly (including a guided meditation to help you let go of your ex symbolically and energetically, allowing you to take back your power)
  • Understand the 5 types of relationships and how a post-breakup detox can help you gain clarity about the true nature of your past relationships and why they ended
  • Learn how to deal with the grief that naturally arises after a breakup in a way that minimizes anxiety and depression and keeps you from unhealthy habits
  • Let go of anger and resentment so you can self-heal, extract the lessons from relationships, reframe breakups, and finally find closure
MODULE 3: Self-Love
  • Put down your baggage once and for all by dealing with the relationship challenges stemming from your childhood/adolescence core issues so you can keep the past in the past
  • Amp up the self-love to boost your confidence and attract relationships from a place of wholeness, self-acceptance, and self-love
  • Update and rewrite your love story to reframe your belief system, bust your myths about love, and decide how you want to show up in your relationships
  • Create and commit to a self-care practice and design healthy coping strategies and stop self-sabotage
MODULE 4: Live Your NEW Love Story
  • Identify the one thing that is making you suffer over your relationship status and shift it instantly
  • Master how to be successfully single and create a life that you absolutely love
  • Understand why it’s important to set a significant amount of time aside to get to know you who are, what you like, and what you want from life so you avoid putting your life on hold and instead enjoy life now
  • Complete a simple exercise that will help you gain clarity on what you desire in a partner and what it means for how you’re showing up in your life
MODULE 5: Get On With Love!
  • Learn how to get into alignment with the type of love you want to create so that attracting your ideal partner can is easy
  • Identify and escape your avoidance traps so that fears of rejection aren’t leading to self-sabotage in your relationships
  • Fix the energy in your home that may be blocking attracting relationships and create space for romance in your life
  • Use the power of visualization to co-create the type of love you want to experience in your life
  • Date with zero drama and tons of joy!


Because I’m deeply committed to your success, I want you to have ALL the tools you need to accomplish your goals when it comes to getting over your heartbreak and moving forward with a new love story.

That’s why the Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love course also comes with these extras, which I know you’re going to love:

Supplemental Videos that bring you deeper into the material so that you have breakthrough after breakthrough and experience shifts like never before

Meditations to help ground you, give you peace, and release the negative patterns that no longer serve you.

Audio Trainings & Recorded Coaching Sessions providing additional insights, guidance, and a-ha moments about love and relationships to realize where big changes most need to happen in your life

Articles to reinforce your lessons and guide you in rediscovering your most authentic self and what has kept you from stepping into your power up until now

Reflective Questions & Assignments to help you gain clarity on how you want to show up in your relationships and who you truly want to attract.

Plus, because Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love is designed as a self-study, at-your-own-pace program, as soon as you sign up, you’ll have instant access to the complete 5-module course and all the supplemental training materials!

What members have to say about the program:

It has only been through the work I’ve done with this module that I’ve started to see so many of my patterns in relationships, and begin the process of healing some of my core wounds and issues that have led to those patterns. The structure Christine provides for reviewing your own love story is incredibly useful. It helped me reflect on things I haven’t thought about in years, and even more importantly helped me make some very important connections about how my past keeps playing out in my current life and relationships. It’s given me a point from which to begin some serious work and healing.


“Christine is able to get to the core of what is holding you back and provides you with practical guidance on how to get unstuck and shift into a life where you can experience genuine happiness and personal freedom.”


“Christine is grounded, insightful and intuitive. Her coaching has lead me through some of the biggest breakthroughs in my personal growth journey…with clear actions and practices that have created lasting and meaningful change in my life.”


“Christine is without question one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s an absolute genius of getting the stuck unstuck. If you’re ready (and I mean really, really ready) to change the way you are thinking about your life, your body, your job… whatever… Christine is the one you want cheering you on.”


“Christine’s work is heart-felt, her wisdom is authentic, and her passion is infectious. She powerfully blends the practical and the spiritual, guiding you to find your own answers while at the same time telling you “like it is” and what you need to hear, if necessary. She has a gift of holding you and others in the most sacred and safe container for lasting growth and transformation.”


“All right, all right. You’ve convinced me,” you say.
“So, what’s the investment?”

I mentioned earlier that the number one issue my coaching clients have come to me about again and again is relationships.

But here’s the deal: I only work with 4 clients at a time (so I rarely have openings), and a 6-month commitment for one-on-one coaching with me is currently a 5-figure investment.

That said, I wanted to create a program that could be accessible to just about anyone, where people could still experience my high-level, laser-focused coaching and get the breakthrough results that change lives.


Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love is a multidimensional, holistic online course dispensed across 5 power-packed modules – that’s the equivalent of 5 one-on-one coaching sessions with me!

 A value of over $7500!

So what’s the investment?

With such a comprehensive program like this at your fingertips, that’s basically a steal.
So here’s the million-dollar question: are you ready to rewrite your love story?

If so, then it’s time to:

Only $597

What members have to say about the program:

“Christine’s coaching expertise was consistently above and beyond anything I expected. Whether I was working on answering a specific question, or just stuck and looking for guidance, her intuition, business savvy, and creative joy helped to steer and inspire me in extremely helpful directions.”


“With her leadership and coaching, I was able to truly feel supported, encouraged, and like I had a partner at my side, guiding me and cheering me on. Christine’s programs are AMAZING, her coaching is second to none, and her way of being in the world is a blessing to anyone who gets to cross her path.”


“This year has been such a huge year of self-awareness, growth and real transformation and I’m just so grateful for the opportunity to work with Christine as she shines a light for me on my gifts, my patterns, what I need to heal to be the highest expression of myself and bring that best self forward into the world.”


“Thanks to Christine’s valuable coaching, I was able to shift some major issues that I had been carrying around for years, and that prevented me from living a happy and fulfilling life. With Christine’s help I feel I have not only found self-love and self-acceptance, but have also been given some tools that will help me to continue to grow.”


Got Questions?
I’ve got you covered.

Is this course only for people who have recently been through a breakup or are still heartbroken from a past relationship?

Not at all! We’re all at different stages of our love life, and the course truly has something for everyone no matter what their season is. It doesn’t matter if you’re just coming out of a breakup or experienced a breakup ages ago—the power-packed modules waiting for you in Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love will show you how to unpack the lessons from your relationships and heal your broken heart.

And maybe you’re not necessarily heartbroken. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of being single. This course is perfect for you, too. You’ll learn how to derive happiness and fulfillment from your life no matter what your relationship status is, how to heal your relationship with yourself, and how to start attracting the kind of partner you want in your life.

How is this different from all the other dating courses out there? I’ve tried just about everything and I still don’t have the results I want.

Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love is revolutionary in the way it teaches on love, dating, and relationships because it follows a proven, holistic methodology that covers the 5 levels of expectation hangovers: the emotional, the mental, the physical, the behavioral, and the spiritual. Often, other love courses focus heavily on just attracting your ideal partner, but if you don’t address the underlying belief systems, wounds, and patterns that determine how you show up in your love life, then you’ll just keep attracting the same relationships over and over again.

Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love takes your hand and leads you through the internal work that’s going to allow you to make powerful shifts from victimhood, neediness, and lack to a place of authenticity, fullness, and power. When you attract relationships from a foundation like this, you’ll be calling in partners who truly complement you and your journey.

Can’t I figure this all out on my own? What makes you qualified to teach me?

Attracting healthy, positive, and passionate relationships isn’t as simple as rewriting your online dating profile or reading articles on how to be a better flirt. There’s deep work that needs to happen to ensure you’re showing up in your relationships from a place of authenticity, fullness, and power. Otherwise, you’ll just keep calling in the same type of partners again and again.

When you invest in Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love, you’re getting my proven methodology. I bring my 10+ years of coaching experience into the course (plus the wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired from earning a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and from formally studying human emotion, neuro-linguistic programming, masculine-feminine dynamics, goal-setting, dating strategies, and more) along with every strategy, tool, and technique I’ve mastered to help you heal and reclaim your power. As a result, instead of spending years making the same mistakes and not getting the results you want, you can shorten your learning curve and start attracting fulfilling relationships into your life on a quicker timeline.

What if I don’t have the time to go through a course right now?

I know you’re a busy person. That’s why Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love is designed as a self-study, at-your-own-pace program. As soon as you sign up, you have instant access to the complete 5-module course and all the supplemental training materials. This allows you to fit it into your schedule in a way that feels good for you. You can take the entire course in a single day…or spread it over a few days/weeks/months. You have lifetime access, too, so you can go back to the material again and again as needed.

What if I don’t have the motivation?

I get it. When you’re dealing with a breakup and the accompanying heartache, it feels like all the wind’s been taken out of your sails. Plenty of people who’ve come to me say they can’t eat, they can’t sleep, they can’t get their ex out of their head, etc. The problem is that too many people stay in that low place and end up missing out on all kinds of opportunities that are right in front of them. Here’s the deal: I’ll never tell you to throw your emotions out the window and just move on already. I believe in grieving what we’ve lost, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it in a way that honors your truth while still keeping you engaged with life. The end result? You get to keep your motivation, happiness, confidence, and power.

I’m scared to make the investment…what can you tell me?

A lot of times, we’re scared to make an investment in ourselves because we’ve convinced ourselves that things will always be the same and nothing will change. But you don’t have to be a victim to your feelings of heartache, aloneness, or defeat. You get to rewrite your stories if you so choose and start living a different kind of way. You get to decide whether or not the course works for you by committing to the lessons, exercises, and other supplemental materials. So really, the power’s in your hands. And remember: you’re not just making an investment in yourself…you’re also making an investment in your future partner and the relationship you will share. Think of what it’s costing you not to invest in a course like this. Is the heartbreak, loneliness, and discontent worth it?

What if I’m not 100% satisfied with the course?

I want you to feel totally secure in your investment. That’s why I offer a special 30-day Money Back Guarantee for my online courses. After signing up for Get Over Your Breakup & On With Love: watch every video, complete the worksheets, exercises, and assignments, listen to the coaching sessions and audio trainings, do the meditations, and read all the articles. If after all that, you’re still not satisfied with what you’ve learned and/or you don’t feel that the material has helped to begin making any changes in your life, I’ll refund your investment in yourself in full as long as you’ve shown your participation in the course and your commitment to make it work as described above. With a guarantee like that, it’s a total no-brainer to invest in the course!

Take a moment right now to envision what the love life of your dreams looks like.

Maybe you have an amazing soulmate in your life, and your relationship with them feels like a side-by-side partnership. You’re a team. You encourage each other, build each other up, and support each other’s dreams.

Your partner is kind, gentle, and compassionate. They have a great sense of humor and always seem to make you laugh. Their positive outlook on life complements your own, and you energize and inspire each other with your optimism.

Together, you experience all the goodness that life has to offer. You travel together to exotic destinations all over the world. You enjoy seeking out adventure together. Your partner’s love is a mirror of the love already inside you, and the relationship is full of romance, fun, and passion.

Or, alternatively, maybe you’re single by choice…and loving every moment of it!

You no longer view being single as a disorder or as an embarrassing badge of dishonor. Instead, you see it as the amazing opportunity it is: to deepen your relationship with yourself.

You’ve never been happier. You’re confident, you’re strong, and you’re full of love and light. As a result of the deep, internal work you’ve done with yourself, you feel re-engaged with life and with your purpose. You have a deeper understanding of who you truly are and what you really want from life.

And you’re living life to the fullest! You’re traveling the world, you’re pursuing new hobbies and new opportunities for growth, you’re spending time with like-minded people who make you laugh and contribute to your journey, and your heart is open so that when you are ready for a loving partnership, you can call in one that truly complements who you are.

The way I see it, you have 3 options…

The above scenarios aren’t impossible fantasies.

Every day countless people are enjoying one or the other.

Did they just luck out when it comes to love?

Actually, no.

They simply made a choice to make a change in their love life.

They decided to take back their power and write a love story that made their heart beat faster and their soul come alive.

And now it’s your turn to make a decision right now.

But you have a few options…

Your first option is to do absolutely nothing, which is honestly what a lot of people end up doing. They let their heartache run their lives, write their stories, and determine what kind of relationships they attract. Time and again, they attract partners who are a complete mismatch. Then later down the road, they wonder what went wrong when the relationship ends. Is this the kind of unsatisfying love life you really want for yourself?

Your second option is to go halfway in when it comes to learning more about dating and relationships. Maybe you read a blog here and there every once in awhile, and you’re convinced it’s enough to completely change your love life. But then when you actually apply the surface-level tips, you realize they fall short. And it’s because they’re geared more toward a quick fix–not lasting happiness. Don’t you want changes in your love life that actually stick?

Your third option is to say, “Enough is enough!” It’s to finally make the decision that you’re not going to be the victim anymore when it comes to love. You want things to be different, and you’re willing to put in the time, energy, and soulful work it takes to create real, lasting change. You know you’re worthy and deserve to be in a happy, healthy, and passionate relationship. You know that it’s possible to have what you want when it comes to love, and you’re ready to take control of your life, rewrite your love story, and create the romantic future of your dreams.

So are you ready to create a deeper and more fulfilling love for yourself starting right now?


Only $597

Don’t miss out.

Act now!

What members have to say about the program:

“Christine’s healing wisdom, intuition and compassion is transformative in countless ways. The processes I went through and the techniques and tips I learned from Christine have completely changed my thought patterns and perspective on life.”


“Through every high and low, working with Christine has supported me in going to a deeper place of healing and realization! With every single ah-ha moment, new or old tool or even listening to her coaching, richness is always added to my life and I just want more!”


“Not only is Christine amazingly compassionate and easy to talk to, but through the experience of her laser coaching, she was able to help me uncover a HUGE blockage that was holding me back in many areas of my life. I am so grateful.”


“Christine is truly gifted at getting to the heart of the matter, and she sees beauty and healing and possibilities in every person. Her techniques are brilliant, but her pure love and intuition is what really makes her skill as a coach go beyond expectations.”