Become A Successful
Sought-After Coach

… even if you feel overwhelmed or underqualified in this moment.

Join master coach Christine Hassler for an exclusive video training program to fast track the success of your business and help you step into your role as a powerful catalyst for change.

There’s no question about it: Being a coach is your calling. You feel it in your bones, and you’ve already taken steps to build your business.

Now you just have one wish…

You want a waitlist of clients who are dying to work with you.

If you’re wondering where the heck your soulmate clients are – and whether they even exist – you’re in the right place.

Right now you have 0-5 clients, and if you’re being totally honest, you feel a little insecure in your coaching skills. You have no idea what to do next to feel more confident and attract more clients.

Perhaps you already meditate, practice manifestation techniques, share powerful social media content, coach your friends for free, and talk about your work with everyone in your life, but still, something isn’t clicking in your business.

You know you have what it takes, but you’re still dealing with a few of your own struggles, and you fear you might not be ready to create true change for people.

Maybe I’m just not skilled enough, not outgoing enough, not magnetic enough, you find yourself thinking.

And when you do have brief moments of confidence, imposter syndrome sets in, aka, you find yourself wondering who YOU are to be doing this work… and whether you’re really qualified.


Are you…

  • Dreaming of turning your passion into a profitable business you love running?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by marketing tactics, and unsure of your next steps?
  • Doubting yourself and not feeling 100% confident in your coaching abilities?
  • Longing to create a REAL, stable coaching career, but have no idea how?
  • Confused by social media, marketing, and everything you “should” be doing?
  • Questioning your choice to become a coach, and fearing you might be generic?

If you said OMG, YES! to any of the above, I want you to know one thing: It’s not your fault your coaching business isn’t booked out yet. You’re not flawed, and you’re not a bad coach.

You haven’t been wasting your potential (every piece of your journey contributes to your success, you’ll see), and you CAN reach your goals of helping people and making great money as a coach.

  • Veronica A

    Christine's Coaching Masterclass Training was a transformative experience, blending insightful Q&A sessions with engaging content. The real breakthrough came during the branding marketing exercise.

    Christine's unique formula led me to a deep, revealing introspection about my ideal client, something I hadn't achieved before despite previous efforts. The clarity I gained was truly powerful and transformative. I highly recommend this program to anyone aiming to sharpen their business focus, truly comprehend their ideal client, and enhance their coaching expertise.

    -Veronica A.

  • © Kelly Zhu

    About 3 months after doing the masterclass, I quit my full-time job and started coaching and being a consultant to support myself. I’m so grateful to learn from Christine as always, whether in a personal or business capacity. She is truly the real deal.”


Here’s the thing: Very few coaching programs teach you how to build a profitable business.

They teach you how to be a coach, but not how to market yourself and get clients… or maybe they do, except the people teaching the business curriculum don’t have any experience running a business.

No judgment, but this was often the case in my personal experience, and for many coaches who have trained with me.

What if you had a 7-figure coach with over 15 years of of experience giving you specific, actionable advice to move the needle forward in your business, without burning yourself out?

Picture waking up relaxed and excited, having a beautiful breakfast and hitting the gym, then jumping into work, knowing the exact steps you need to take to get the clients and opportunities you want.

That can be your reality.

Christine Hassler built her coaching empire from ground zero. She is not a celebrity. She was not born into a family of coaches, and she does not have any magical powers… just the same magic we ALL have, once we tap into it.

  • kal-visuals-b1Hg7QI-zcc-unsplash

    “I have been a psychotherapist for a few years and I have a private practice at the same time. What I plan to do is expand my practice to the entire world. The really important thing that I got from this program is the structure around being a coach. I want to create some different structures and packages that hopefully make it easier for people to find me as a coach and make a greater impact spanning all of the US.”


After leaving her job as a successful Hollywood agent and beginning a VERY non-linear path to what she does now, Christine is the person who can shortcut your path to becoming a rockstar coach with a rock-solid client base.

Why? Because she’s been precisely where you are now, and today she’s where you want to be.



In this video course Christine will give you the support and guidance you need to get out of overwhelm and step into your natural role as a successful, sought-after coach.

… and you’ll never have to sacrifice your integrity, exhaust yourself with 12-hour days, or work with clients who drain your energy.

You’ll get the framework and exact strategies you need to build a business that’s deeply aligned with your soul… and just feels like YOU, in your full potential and highest calling.

The Masterclass Training for Coaches gives you a chance to learn from the BEST in the business. If you’re in the coaching world and don’t already know Christine, you’re going to be so relieved to start learning from her.

Imagine yourself a year from now…

  • You’ve healed past pain and self-sabotage that was holding you back from peak performance and success.
  • Clients are banging down your door. You don’t seek them out, they seek you out. You couldn’t avoid having a client waitlist, even if you tried. You’re a magnet.
  • Anxiety and isolation are in the past; you have a supportive community of friends who get you, support you, and make you laugh like crazy. Your life is FUN.
  • Physically and mentally, you feel better than ever: light, strong, energized, and focused almost every day. You see your body as a tool and you fuel yourself accordingly.
  • melanie-image

    “Christine’s coaching masterclass gave me the tools to solidify my niche market for my health and wellness coaching programs. I gained tips and techniques for coaching one-on-one clients, as well as how to actually use a sales funnel to increase my audience and potential clients. Being a part of Christine’s community has been an integral part of growing my coaching business.”

    -Melanie B.

If this is what you want, sign up for Christine’s Masterclass Training for Coaches today.

This online video training program is a powerful investment in yourself, your business, and your clients… or future clients.

The information you’ll learn could save you years of trying to figure things out on your own… not to mention, thousands of dollars. Taking this masterclass now will speed up your success and help you dodge bad advice and tired blueprints that don’t work.

What You’ll Learn

Through live-recorded videos Christine will teach you how to be a sought-after coach who helps people create tangible, transformative results.

You’ll learn to build your business with ease, so you can thrive rather than burning out and giving up. Christine will be sharing the day-to-day strategies she’s used to reach 7 figures in her business.

You’ll get a proven game plan you can adapt for your personality and business model, and answers to common hurdles and blocks. Plus, you’ll receive the support you need to design an incredibly satisfying career. These teachings are results-driven, and Christine’s student testimonials prove it.

  • © Kelly Zhu

    “When I’m feeling discouraged, I remember Christine’s encouragement that we need more lightworkers and that my work as a coach is of high service. Since doing the program, I thought back to and referenced my notes as I’ve been growing my coaching business. I refer to the enrollment piece often still while conducting sales calls. I am constantly pulled back to the mindset piece, and remembering that it is truly the foundation for everything else. I practice spiritual hygiene and don’t take on what belongs to others.”


In this video training program you’ll learn how to…

  • Turn your passion into an abundant career with clear, practical, revenue-building strategies anyone can master.
  • Earn a great salary as a coach through specific techniques that will take you from pipe-dream to profit center… without selling your soul.
  • Master your sales skills by building innate confidence and learning Christine’s proven process for enrolling clients, which includes turning objections into valuable coaching moments.
  • Drop self-doubt and become an effective coach who holds space for real client results, over and over… without being overly attached to your clients’ results.

… and SO much more!

Who is Christine?

Christine Hassler, M.A. began her coaching business in 2004, when most people didn’t know exactly what a “life coach” was. Today she’s a sought-after master coach, international speaker, and 3-time bestselling author.

Christine offers her community valuable online courses, runs a thriving membership community, and facilitates international workshops and retreats. She created the top-rated podcast, Over It & On With It, where she coaches people live.

A credentialed Life Coach with a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Christine is on faculty at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is the Coaching Director of the Primal Health Coach Certification program.

Hassler has built a sustainable 7-figure business that’s transformed the lives of thousands of people. She’s trained coaches across multiple industries – from health to business – to build profitable practices that make them excited to wake up every morning. That can be you, too!

  • brooke-cagle-Nm70URdtf3c-unsplash

    “This program has been an amazing experience and I have learned so much. Christine is an amazing coach and so intuitive. She really helped guide me and come up with an action plan that I can put into place.”


  • Amanda-image

    “I’m so happy that I participated because I am walking away with so much more than I thought that I would. Christine has given me practical tools she used, combined with her wisdom. This is invaluable. I’m feeling much more confidence in myself as a coach going forward. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve their business as a coach and become more masterful in their coaching.”


What to Expect

Below is a breakdown of the core teachings you’ll learn in this online video course. The program also includes detailed worksheets, timeless business frameworks, and more.

  • The Business of Coaching

Christine will show you how to build a profitable business by adopting the mindset of an entrepreneur while staying in alignment with your mission as a coach, expert, thought-leader, or healer. Through the Coaching Model in Action she’ll address your biggest hurdles. You’ll develop unshakable confidence and business skills.

  • Mastering Marketing

You’ll integrate specific techniques for securing clients and attracting dream opportunities. Christine will offer proven methods for branding and marketing your business. Overwhelmed by social media? You’ll get ultra clear on which platforms to use, understand how to do aligned marketing, and learn how to get clients through referrals.

  • Getting Great at Sales

Christine will walk you through the art of enrollment… without the sleaze. She’ll be joined by her head of Business Development and Sales, Jill Esplin, who is absolutely masterful in this area… and makes it FUN.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Get a YES from aligned clients and navigate the inevitable NOs.
  • Overcome the most common objections, like, “I can’t afford it.”
  • Establish instant rapport within the first 30 seconds of a discovery call.
  • Shift any judgments around “sales,” so you naturally attract clients.
  • Make sales calls feel like having tea with a good friend.
  • Drop the fear of rejection and move forward with confidence.
  • Becoming An Elite Coach

We’ll dive deep into coaching fundamentals and advanced skills, so you leave feeling 100% confident in your abilities. No more doubting whether you can facilitate actual change – you’ll learn the practical tools you need to coach clients through dozens of different situations. Christine will be sharing specific methods you can add to your arsenal to deeply support clients on the emotional, mental, and behavioral levels.

  • Designing Your Business Plan

By the end of the masterclass you’ll have your customized business plan and action steps in place. No more overwhelm, no more getting stuck, and no more wondering what you should be doing each day to grow your biz… or staying up all night worrying about your future. You’ll develop an ingrained knowing that your success is inevitable.

Ready for this to be you?

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Money-Back Guarantee

Having a business that exceeds your expectations is not only possible – it’s risk-free with our money-back guarantee. Sign up for the Masterclass Training for Coaches today, watch the videos, and do the integration worksheets. If you’re not satisfied and you don’t believe this course will lead to a change in your business, simply reach out and let us know within 30 days. We’ll refund your investment, as long as you can show us you did the work. No hard feelings. Now you have no excuse not to invest in your future.