How to Stop Obsessing

Obsessing over something is the worst. When someone or something has pitched a tent and set up camp in your mind, it can be your own personal version of torture. What can we do to stop the seemingly endless cycle of obsessive thinking? What does NOT work is continuing... read more

The Power of Vulnerability

I recently received the following question from a reader, “I know vulnerability is a good way to be, but I find it difficult.  The moment I notice that feel I lost control of a situation, rather than keep feeling vulnerable, I move away from it. For example, when I am... read more

We all can overcome this…

We all go through times when we are addicted to something. Some obvious ones are drugs, alcohol, money, sex and food. But there are less obvious addictions that are important to be aware of like control, negative thinking, self-doubt, escaping through things like... read more