How to feel more connected spiritually and have faith

How to feel more connected spiritually and have faith

Oh my goodness – this is such an exciting email to write you…. First I have goosebumps all over because this week marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my Over It & On With It podcast.  It has been such an incredible journey to co-create this show where so much... read more

Having confidence is not as hard as you think

Last week in my women’s coaching circle, one of the women was sharing about a work situation and expressed that she “needs to work on being more confident.” She believed that she would be more respected in her company if she communicated like the other employees who... read more

What if it was all made up?

Yesterday was Halloween – a day where being scared is fun and actually intended. Ghosts and goblins may spook us but only temporarily because logically we know it’s just pretend! Fake fear can be fun, but the real fear we experience, the kind that haunts us throughout... read more