There’s something special about you…

I want to tell you how incredible you are. You have a very special secret sauce that is unique to you. And when you tap into it, you’ll truly live into your pure potential.

I want to help you do that.

So, I created FREE special training videos designed to help you clarify your secret sauce and use it to overcome whatever fears might be preventing you from living into your greatness.

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I put my heart and soul into these videos, and I hope they truly help you. I know personally the freedom and joy that comes from living according to your secret sauce, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

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  • ArtN

    Wasn’t sure where to put this. I really enjoyed your podcast with your mother. Now I get why your language is a mishmash from the world of MFT as well as ‘life coach.’ One of my other friends is a life coach so I recognize the positive psychology wording that they frequently use. That’s probably what attracted me to your website and podcast – I like the mix!

    You’ve obviously been strongly impacted by your mother and that is wonderful. I really enjoyed hearing you guys. There were times I lost who was talking as you sound a lot alike. The same rhythm and careful pacing and tonality. Very interesting to me!

    I think that mix is your ‘secret sauce,’ my friend. Maybe you can team up with your mother when you have a guest on, sharing the stage as you both guide their thinking? It would be interesting to hear the back and forth as you guys have similar backgrounds but different angles.