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CC: Set Boundaries, Find Peace with Nedra Glover Tawwab

I got so much incredible feedback on the last CC we did on boundaries that I wanted to bring on another amazing, super informative expert.  Nedra Glover Tawwab joins me today who is a licensed therapist and sought-after relationship expert, has practiced relationship therapy for twelve years and is the founder and owner of the…

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EP 300: Let Go of the Relationship That’s Based on Your Past So You’re Open to the Relationship That’s Aligned with Your Future with Linda

This episode is about releasing addictive patterns by remembering the love within us. Today’s caller, Linda, recently ended an on-again-off-again two-year relationship. She questions which wounds are causing her patterns. We discuss her soul’s journey, how she is not broken, and how she can help herself feel safe, seen, and loved. It is often unresolved…

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CC: Cleaning up your mental mess with Dr Caroline Leaf

Want to learn how to reduce (even eliminate) things like anxiety, depression, obsessive thinking and stress? Then you are going to love my conversation with Dr. Carolline Leaf. She is a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist, specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology. Since the early 1980s, she has researched the mind-brain connection, the nature of…

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EP 299: Break Free of Your Fear of Rejection with Sylvie

This episode is about radical self-acceptance. Today’s caller, Sylvie, has had therapy, done tons of personal development work, and speaks with her inner child but still feels blocked. We discuss ways she can reframe her perception of what her awareness is bringing up and how she can fully accept and love herself and her human…

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CC: The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

My longtime friend Kute Blackson joins me this week to discuss the magic of surrender. Surrender is one of those sexy spiritual words that we often do not truly understand or experience. Kute shares with us how we can actually surrender and the magic it brings to our lives when we do. Kute Blackson is…

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EP 298: Get Out of Your Relationship Rut with Shaun

This episode is about how to get your needs met in an intimate relationship. Today’s caller, Shaun, is looking for guidance on how to re-open his heart and rekindle the warmth for his partner whom he loves. We discuss strategies for getting beyond the hurts and moving toward understanding and compassion. We often love the…

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