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EP 368: Owning How You May Have Hurt or Traumatized Your Children as the Parent with Carrie

This episode is about being the parent you always wanted and wanted to be. Today’s caller, Carrie, wants to repair a strained relationship with her children. She feels shame about her past behaviors and wants guidance on how to build a connection with them and their children. There is a lot of vulnerability and courage…

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EP 367: Should I Stay in the Relationship for the Baby? With Cassie

This episode is about navigating a relationship with a new baby coming. Today’s caller, Cassie, is about to have a child but is uncertain about staying with the baby’s father. She would like guidance about how to feel supported emotionally and financially during this trying time. It is difficult enough for women who are becoming…

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Coaches Corner: Five reminders you may just need to hear

Christine shares five reminders that may come at the perfect time for you. If you are disappointed with something in your life, judging yourself, lacking in self-care, don’t feel like all the “work” you are doing is paying off, or just need some inspiration today – don’t miss this episode! Learn more at Subscribe…

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EP 366: They Said — Part 3 of a 3-part Couples Coaching Series with Rory & Tyler

This episode is a couple’s coaching session with the partners currently experiencing struggles in their relationship. Rory & Tyler have listened to their partner’s individual sessions and spoken with each other about what they heard. Christine discusses strategies and opportunities the couple can use to move their relationship forward. Relationships are challenging. It is generally…

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Coaches Corner: What happens when we die? With Nanci Danison

After Nanci died on March 14, 1994, she returned to Nanci’s life from the most extensive afterlife experience survived and recorded in order to tell anyone who would listen about what happened to her in the afterlife and what she remembers learning there about life, death, and the afterlife. Her afterlife experience gave her knowledge…

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EP 365: She Said with Rory — Part 2 of a 3-part Couples Coaching Series

This episode is a couple’s coaching session with the female partner in the relationship. Today’s caller, Rory, finds herself at a crossroads after being in a three-year relationship with Tyler. She would like guidance on whether or not she can get her needs met in this relationship. During this session, Christine questions whether there are…

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