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EP 430: What To Do When Things Feel Out of Control When You Really Like Control with Cato

This coaching call is about feeling out of control when being in control is how we have compensated for not getting what we needed as children. Today’s caller, Cato, is pregnant and her lack of control is creating panic. She asks Christine for guidance on how to be okay with the changes in her life…

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Coaches Corner: Reverse Aging And Optimize Health With Dr Florence Comite

Dr. Florence Comite is a clinician-scientist and innovator in the field of precision medicine. She is world-renowned for her expertise in predicting, preventing, and reversing chronic disease and the disorders associated with aging. She is a true disruptor of the status quo, a “doctorpreneur” with a bold mission–to eliminate chronic disease in the world. She…

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EP 429: How to Break the Cycle of Engaging with Narcissists with Behnaz

This coaching call is about breaking the cycle of being in unhealthy relationships, specifically with emotionally unavailable or narcissistic people. Today’s caller, Behnaz, feels guilty, exhausted, and angry when dealing with her family and longs for deeper connections. She asks Christine for guidance on how to break the cycle and release her anger. We all…

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Coaches Corner: Conscious Connection with Talia Fox

This is the perfect episode to listen to as the holidays are upon us – my guest, Talia Fox, and I talk about how to have healthier, more conscious relationships with ourselves and others. Talia Fox is the CEO of KUSI Global, Inc. She holds an M.Ed. in counseling psychology from Howard University and she…

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EP 428: Stop Needing So Much Reassurance in Relationships with Michele

This coaching call is about getting out of the loop of needing reassurance. Today’s caller, Michele, does not feel safe in relationships and asks her partner for constant reassurance. If you have jealousy, worry, or anxiety in relationships or situations, you will find value in today’s episode. There are times when we have insecurity or…

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Coaches Corner: How to Do An Anger Burn/Release

I talk quite a bit on the show about how important it is to release our anger in a healthy way. In today’s episode I walk you through how to do one of my favorite and most empowering exercises – an anger burn! If you aren’t quite ready for an anger burn, then starting by…

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