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EP 325: Healing Sexual Blocks In Your Relationship with Adam & Reanna

This episode is about healing sexual blocks in relationships. Today’s callers, Adam & Reanna, want to heal past trauma and have a healthy sex life together. I guide them through an exploration process. This session is useful even if there is no trauma in your past; It is an intimate process that brings couples closer…

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Coaches Corner: How to eat and move with Dr Jade Teta

We cover so much ground in this episode about diet, metabolism, hormones and overall health. Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician, author and expert in the realm of natural health, fitness, metabolism and self-development. He spent the last 25 years immersed in the study of strength and conditioning, hormonal metabolism and the psychology of…

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EP 324: Break a Pattern by Breaking Up with Someone or Something with Aimee

This episode is about breaking a pattern. Today’s caller, Aimee, wants to end a relationship but keeps going back for more. She has a lot of awareness about why it isn’t healthy but she hasn’t taken the action to end it for good. We work through how she can find clarity and commit to her…

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Coaches Corner: The 80/80 Marriage with Nate

Nate Klemp joins me to talk about “The 80/80 Marriage,” a new model for balancing career, family, and love. The 80/80 Marriage pushes couples beyond the limited idea of “fairness” toward a new model grounded on radical generosity and shared success, one that calls for each partner to contribute 80 percent to build the strongest…

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EP 323: Why It’s Important to Take Risks with Marilyn

This episode is about opening ourselves up to opportunity by courageously embracing change. Today’s caller, Marilyn, just turned 50 and feels lost in life and with no clear direction for her future. She has been playing it safe and fears making changes in her life. We discuss how she can listen to her intuition to…

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Coaches Corner: Get your mind and body right with Todd McCullough

A friend and former yoga buddy of mine, Todd McCullough, joins me to dispel some myths about what it takes to transform your body and live healthy!  He’s a fitness and mindset expert and takes us through a wonderful meditation at the end of the interview. Todd attended University of Florida, where he was a starting…

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