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EP 332: Breaking the Cycle of Broken Relationships with Jade

This episode is about making self-honoring choices that empower us. Today’s caller, Jade, wants to break the cycle of being in broken and toxic relationships. We work through helping her connect the dots of needing validation from her current relationships to being disempowered by her mother when she was a child and guidance on how…

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EP 331: Heal Your Sister Wound with Emily

This episode is about healing wounds, feminine or masculine. Today’s caller, Emily, wants to heal her sister wound. She has struggled with feeling judged or rejected by other women and fears being vulnerable with them. She would like guidance on how to make new female connections without being anxious. Anyone who may have wounds from…

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Coaches Corner: Upgrade your health and energy with Teri Cochrane

Teri Cochrane is the founder of the Global Sustainable Health Institute® and an international thought leader in longevity. Through her decades of clinical work, Teri has developed The Cochrane Method®, a future-facing, multisystem health and longevity model. This model examines the intersection of genetic expression due to pathogenic and environmental causes, energy, and her clients’…

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EP 330: How Repressing Anger Makes You Needy with Lee

This episode is about having a pattern of needing to be in a relationship and feeling like something is missing if you don’t have a person. Today’s caller, Lee, has a lot of awareness, but something is missing, and that is being able to access and release his anger. We work through how to release…

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Coaches Corner: Ritual and Guided Visualization to bring in 2022

Christine leads you through part two of her annual new year’s ritual and guides you through a meditation / visualization to consciously call in 2022. You can access the breathwork and meditation series Stef and Christine created and get a holiday discount using code HOLIDAY at Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher | SoundCloud |…

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EP 329: Let Go of Self-Doubt and Trust Your Intuition with Tamy

This episode is about discerning intuition from fear-based thoughts. Today’s caller, Tamy, doubts herself and uses constant learning as a compensatory strategy when she may not have fully integrated the information she has already gathered. If you have ever wondered if your feelings are fear-based or truly your intuition, or struggle with self-doubt, this is…

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