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EP 293: Having a Heart So Big it Hurts Sometimes with Beth

This episode is about loving your big feelings and emotions. Today’s caller, Beth, wants to feel comfortable in her skin. In her childhood home, her gift of being an empath became a liability. Whoever is the most open, the most sensitive one in a family often absorbs everyone else’s feelings. Beth would like guidance on…

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CC: How to manage growth spurts (aka difficult times) in relationship

Stefanos joins Christine again to share tips for how to manage challenging conversations and moments in a relationship.  Any relationship, not just romantic ones, hit periods of growth where the relationship needs to get to the next level. This can be confronting for one or both people. In this episode we give you advice on…

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EP 292: Stop Obsessive Thinking with Demi

This episode is about calming an anxious or hypervigilant mind. Today’s caller, Demi, has a pattern of obsessive-compulsive thinking, anxiety, and a worst-case scenario mindset. She would like guidance on how to calm her mind and be more compassionate with herself. It is a very human trait to worry and have anxiety, especially for people…

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Coaches Corner: Truths (and inspiration) about Fertility & Pregnancy

I have looked long and hard for a fertility expert that has both heart and correct, research backed, up to date expertise…and I found it all in Dr. Cleopatra. If you have any questions or concerns about your reproductive health and longevity, you will love this reassuring and informative episode. Dr. Cleopatra is The Fertility Strategist…

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EP 291: Learning to Leave a Bad Situation at the First Sign with Barbara

This episode is about letting go of patterns and relationships that no longer serve you. Today’s caller, Barbara, has a pattern of staying in things long after they are dead, long after the signs say something is no longer in alignment with her life, or it is depleting her life in some way. The pattern…

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Coaches Corner: Tips for healthier relationships with Christine & Stef

Stef (Christine’s husband) is back on the podcast to talk with me about the common challenges we see couples face and how to overcome them. We will also be hosting a virtual relationship retreat in June, go to to get on the early bird list for discounts and details. Subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher |…

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