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EP 361: Letting Go of Grief and Confusion with Amy

This episode is about releasing grief and confusion and allowing ourselves the time and space to heal. Today’s caller, Amy, is 25-plus years past when she decided to have an abortion and is triggered by everything going on with Roe vs. Wade. We talk about it as an example of how grief never really goes…

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Coaches Corner: What exactly happens on a retreat?

If you feel like you have a lot of awareness but things in your life are not changing…it may be time for some “experiential” work. In this episode Christine and Jill about what happens at Christine’s Signature Retreat to help you discern if it’s right for you. More info about the retreat here: Subscribe in…

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EP 360: A Midlife Marriage Crisis with Marc

This episode is about standing up for yourself in a relationship. Today’s caller, Marc, feels a shift in his 20-year marriage. He is willing to work on the relationship but his wife is avoiding it. This episode is relatable to many people because we discuss why he doesn’t take a stand for himself and how…

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Coaches Corner: Reair: EP 45: Stop Living a Checklist Life with Frankie 

Today’s caller, Frankie is in the midst of her quarter-life crisis. Her life is not going according to her checklist and she is dealing with some Expectation Hangovers. She has defined herself by external things and she’s a bit addicted to control and validation. Control is something we all struggle with. We think we have…

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EP 359: Making a Big Decision About a Big Change with Catherine

This episode is about making a big decision. Today’s caller, Catherine, is considering moving in with her boyfriend but isn’t sure whether or not she is ready. She would like guidance on how to make a big decision. We discuss how she can use the intuitive decision-making process to become clear about what she wants…

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Coaches Corner: Reair: Getting Over Moodiness

Do you exhibit a type of behavior or personality trait you don’t necessarily love about yourself? It could be moodiness or it could be being extremely judgemental or it could be an emotional state you have a tendency to default to like sadness, worry, anger or fear. Women often have a difficult time dealing with…

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