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Coaches Corner: Make your mind a Peak mind with Dr. Amishi Jha

My guest today talks to us about what attention really is, how to focus it (and stop a wandering mind), and leverage our minds to not only bring us success, but peace. Dr. Amishi Jha is a professor of psychology at the University of Miami. She serves as the Director of Contemplative Neuroscience for the…

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EP 319: Healing Jealousy and Not Feeling Good Enough with Boston

This episode is about overcoming not-enoughness and meeting our own needs to be secure in relationships. Today’s caller, Boston, has a protective pattern from his childhood that shows up as jealousy. It is blocking him from feeling secure in his relationship. He is working to shift his jealous feelings and is asking for guidance to…

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Coaches Corner: How to navigate, resolve and prevent conflict with Jayson Gaddis

If you avoid or dread conflict or find you have too much of it in your life, you will find this episode so helpful! Jayson Gaddis is here to talk about his new book Getting To Zero: How to Work through Conflicts in your High-Stake Relationships and teach us SO much about how to have…

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EP 318: Take Off the Pressure Cooker with Elizabeth

This episode is about taking the pressure off of self-imposed timelines. Today’s caller, Elizabeth, has a sense of urgency. She feels she needs to get into a relationship and have children. But, at the same time, she is experiencing rejection, ghosting, and men leaving. She thinks she is doing something wrong. For whatever reason, we…

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Coaches Corner: Owning your erotism and consent with Dr. Betty Martin

Sex and sexuality. These are part of the human experience.Yet for so many, sex and sexualty brings up shame, insecurity and even painful memories.It is possible to enjoy your sexual expression no matter what you have been through while empowering yourself by learning about your preferences and consent. There is no one better to discuss…

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EP 317: Healing the Mother Wound with Abigail

This episode is about doing inner child work to heal the mother wound. Today’s caller, Abigail, feels she is struggling to connect with her feminine energy but we discover that she is being triggered by her circumstances and it is revealing a coping strategy she relied on in her childhood. We discuss ways she can…

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