Overcome your fears and get unstuck!

Do you know what to do but you still don’t seem to be doing it?

Could the reason be that you are actually scared of success? This seems like a crazy fear to have because we want to be successful but often there is an unconscious belief that keeps us from taking the steps that lead to success.  The same goes for failure.  On some level we know that we will learn from any mistake, but we are still terrified of taking steps that could lead to any kind of failure.

This is exactly what I coach Becca on in EP 87 of my Over It and On With It Podcast.

Everyone defines fear and success differently, but usually our fear of success has to do with concerns around being seen more, feeling unsafe, feeling more responsibility for changing, or losing ourselves in some way. Our fear of failure normally has to do with avoiding rejection, loss of money, status, or security, judgment from others, or our own self-criticism that we endure if we fail.

So, how do we overcome these fears? It requires more than taking action steps towards your goals . . .

Go here to listen to me coach Becca over her fears of success and failure!

I also want to tell you about episode 88 where I coach Lena who feels lost and stuck. During our coaching session, we uncover some past trauma and guilt that is causing her to feel as if she is living in a “black hole.”

If you can identify with feeling stuck yourself, that’s actually great news!!!  Why? Well some people go through life just going through the motions and live rather unconsciously. If you are aware you are stuck or lost, you are more likely to discover the trigger, and move beyond it!

Go there to listen to me coach Lena out of feeling lost and stuck.

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