Keep it simple

The little things go a long way.  So often we focus on the big changes we want to make in life or the big problems we need to solve and forget about the little, simple things we can do on a daily basis that create big change over time.

I was reminded of this last week after hosting our first ever community love challenge – a special thank you to all those who participated! Each day we focused on one little thing to do to feel and share love.  The shifts that happened were amazing! There was so much love, joy and inspiration that was spread. 

On my Facebook Live (you can watch the replay here) where I announced the winner, so many people shared how uplifting the challenge was.  They were amazed at how much of a positive shift they felt just by doing small things like a random act of kindness.

My message to you today is to STOP working so hard. STOP trying so hard.  STOP attempting to figure things out. STOP thinking about it so much.

Instead START doing one small thing each day that brings you joy. Listen and dance to your favorite song.  Buy yourself flowers. Call a friend you miss. Take 10 minutes to read a great book or some poetry (I’ve been obsessed with Rumi lately). 

It does not take much to feel love. Love is so accessible at all times. It only feels unreachable when we are judging ourselves, a situation, or another person.  Even during expectation hangovers, you can fill yourself up with love by focusing on small things each day that feel uplifting.

This is why a daily practice is so important. When you make “you time” a non-negotiable, even if it’s only five minutes per day, it is so much easier to not lose your connection to love.  Self love. The people you love.  Nature. Animals. Beautiful places and things. There is just so so SO much to love!

One of the many reasons I started our membership community, Inner Circle, is because I know the tremendous value of having a daily practice that supports you in staying positive and uplifted.  If you are not a member yet, I hope you consider joining us and basking in all the love we share there! This month we are focusing on authenticity and authentic self-expression so it’s a great month to join.

Go here to learn more about Inner Circle.

And speaking of love, stay tuned for an invitation to join my first ever love course which I’ll be sharing next week.  Oh, and don’t miss this week’s podcast episode 99: Letting Go of an Ex with Michelle. Listen here.



  • Sanford

    Regarding podcast Episode 99

    Dear Christine,
    This is a heart wrenching conversation! …
    You counseled Michelle with tremendous sensitivity and empathy!…
    Guiding Michelle to her Self Honoring Choice and “Over and On with It” Decision!

    (So happy her Dog “Agreed”!!! . . It provided the necessary Comic Relief to this very Painful, Touching Conversation!)

    Regarding Your own personal angst – Please know that You are LOVED!