Coaches Corner: How to Stop Feeling Like Shit with Andrea Owen

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Life coach. Author. Hellraiser. Andrea Owen is passionate about empowering women to value themselves and fiercely love who they are.

She helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead.

We talk about the dangers of numbing out, why playing the blame game is only a way to off load pain, and how to have healthier relationships.

You can learn more at and get her new book “How to Stop Feeling Like Shit” at

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  • Jennifer DeRuff

    I can’t say how much I loved this episode! I gained so much awareness around how I use (and have used) control, or being involved in my friend’s dramas, to keep from having to deal with whatever discomfort I might be feeling! Also, hearing you share the story of how you’d been honest with the man you are dating, how your heart was closed, when in the past, you’d have just pretended everything was OK, was very comforting to me. To know that we all deal with this stuff. It seems like some self-help types like to present themselves as having risen above it all, and if you just follow these 6 steps I’ve laid out, etc. And It’s refreshing to hear the both of you speak about how powerful it is to just show up vulnerably and authentic and own what’s going on. Thank you!

    • Christine Hassler

      Jennifer, I am so happy to hear how much this episode spoke to you. And yes, it feels so good to be authentic and real. xx