Events & Retreats

Lightworker Workshop

Join Christine either in LA or via livestream from anywhere on August 23rd for a very workshop dedicated to supporting lightworkers.

A lightworker is someone who is on the personal growth path and feels called to make some kind of an impact. Your profession may be anything from an attorney to a coach to a yoga teacher to a mother of three, but your soul work is that of a lightworker.


Fall Retreat 2015


My passion is supporting people, especially women, gain a clearer sense of who they are, what they want and how to get it. Each time I facilitate I am overwhelmed by the feedback from women about how much they have healed and grown in just this one weekend. If you are ready for miracles, then you are ready for this retreat



Secret Sauce Mastermind


For years people have been asking me how I “built my business” and “found my purpose.” I don’t feel like I “built” or “found” anything, instead I created it.  Now I am called to help you step into your purpose, do the things you are passionate about and answer the call you feel to make a meaningful impact on the world by finding your SECRET SAUCE..


Christine’s Coaching Group 

Join Christine in L.A. for a special goal-setting and group coaching event open to ALL!!!





Costa Rica Women’s Retreat

Please email for 2015 information and early enrollment

Are you ready to make 2015 a year that you take a big step forward for in an unexpected, even daring way? Ready to get OUT of your everyday and get INTO the groove of what’s uniquely YOU?

This five-day enlightening adventure will offer you new friendships, heart opening conversations and exercises, thrilling activities and breath-taking beauty.. This is a retreat back to you, to loving yourself, and nurturing yourself so you can feel rejuvenated, invigorated and inspired.


Love Your Love Life Women’s Retreat 


Please email for 2016 information and early enrollment. Dates: TBD for 2016

Are you ready for the kind of romantic relationship you always dreamed about? Whether you are single or want to improve your current relationship, you’re invited to join me for 6 days in Tulum, Mexico and fall totally in love with your love life!!

Relationships, especially our romantic partnerships, are a HUGE part of our lives – especially for us women. Just think about the amount of time we spend thinking and talking about our significant other (or lack of one). When our heart is broken, hurting, longing, or bursting with love to share but no one to share it with it’s painful.