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I would not live the fulfilling life I live today without consistent investment and focus in my own “soul food.” I’ve seen the power of persistent inspired action and surrounding yourself with your Soul Family. I am so committed to supporting you and your continued growth, success and happiness!

That’s why I’ve created my Inner Circle.

Joining my Inner Circle will give you VIP access to me as your coach and an insider look at my best tips and tricks to empower you to uplevel your life.

This unique, intimate group composed of men and women from around the world and you can enroll at any time. It is a monthly membership that you can cancel at any time.

Each month you will receive:

90-minute live group coaching call.

Keep me in your corner as I listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and give you guidance and support as you take your next steps forward. It’s a great chance to work with me if you’ve ever wanted to reach out for coaching. Plus, since the Inner Circle will be an intimate group, you’ll get to connect with our one-of-a-kind tribe.

A new life-hack habit

Each month I will share a new practice for you to integrate and create more of what you want in your life. We’ll create the accountability and discipline around it together so those things you think you should be doing, you actually start doing (and enjoy!) The self-honoring habits you’ve already begun in your life will be taken to the next level. You’ll increase momentum as you create positive habits that serve you and stick.

A guided meditation or visualization

Experience the power of meditation and visualization! Instead of using your mind to do things like worry or have anxiety, use it to manifest more of what you desire in your life while feeling peace and presence. Each month I’ll guide you through a brand new audio, which you can download to keep your meditation practice going and your vibe high!

Lifestyle tips for health, beauty, wealth & more

This is where I get super personal and share some of my sacred practices and behind-the-scenes daily activities to keep my vibe high, my body healthy, my bank account full, and my heart expansive.
*All materials in this course are in digital format (PDF, MP3 & streaming video) to make it easy to deliver. There are no items that are shipped to you.
I am going to get involved with everything Christine does because every interaction has made such a massive impact on my growth. This year has been such a huge year of self-awareness, growth and real transformation. I'm just so grateful for the opportunity to work with Christine as she shines a light for me on my gifts, my patterns, what I need to heal to be the highest expression of myself and bring that best self forward into the world. Working with Christine has been truly transformational and words just can't express the depth of my gratitude.


Christine’s healing wisdom, intuition and compassion is transformative in countless ways. Working with her has been one of the most fruitful gifts. She coaches from a sacred space of love, free of judgment and listens with purposeful intention. The processes I went through and the techniques and tips I learned from Christine have completely changed my thought patterns and perspective on life.

Her work is authentic, practical and incredibly inspiring. Christine shows up fully and authentically for her clients. She carries you through each experience with honesty and dignity. She is a special, trustworthy one-of-a-kind master coach and person! My gratitude for the work we did grows each day.


You’re in control of the relationship with my Inner Circle. If you decide that this soul tribe isn’t something that resonates with you, just reach out and let my team know. We’ll immediately stop your monthly charges, and if you’ve paid in advance, we’ll refund your balance. No stress, no hassle, and no hard feelings.

And . . . you’ll also be supported 24/7 by a like-minded community. Our private Inner Circle Facebook group will be a place where you find lifelong friends who “get it” when it comes to pursuing growth and change – and can hold you accountable!

In this day and age, where there’s so much “busyness” and shallow connection, Inner Circle is the chance to have something deeper … something real … and something that will sustain you long after the Personal Mastery Course is over.

Joining is very simple - you have two options.

You can participate on a monthly basis, paying $97 per month.

It’s that easy, and I look forward to welcoming YOU as a part of my Inner Circle!

"Christine Hassler’s coaching expertise was consistently above and beyond anything I expected. Whether I was working on answering a specific question, or just stuck and looking for guidance, her intuition, business savvy, and creative joy helped to steer and inspire me in extremely helpful directions. She is a godsend!"


"Thanks to Christine’s valuable coaching, I was able to shift some major issues that I had been carrying around for years, and that prevented me from living a happy and fulfilling life. With Christine’s help I feel I have not only found self-love and self-acceptance, but have also been given some tools that will help me to continue to grow."- 


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