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EP 129: Answering Your Calling with Carrie

EP129 (1)

This call is about answering your soul’s calling and making a career transition. Today’s caller, Carrie, feels compelled to answer her soul’s calling but has limiting beliefs about herself that are holding her back. She doesn’t believe she can have the job she wants and make money at it.

I don’t think our soul comes with a specific career in mind. We may think our career is our soul’s purpose or our soul’s longing but really our career is just an expression of our desires and what we are most in alignment with. Don’t think you will not fill your soul’s destiny if you don’t have a career that you believe to be your calling.

We fulfill the destiny of our soul by completing our life’s curriculum, our life’s lessons and by learning and growing in consciousness.

Soul searching can be a distraction. Some people get stuck in the personal development world. Sometimes you have to stop doing the inner work and start doing the outer work. Integrate the lessons — an inner calling is not enough; you have to answer it by shifting inside and then taking action.

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Consider/Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel a longing to do something more in alignment with your soul’s calling?
  • Do you have fears about being seen?
  • How are you with yourself when you make mistakes or perceive you have failed?
  • Does a part of you know you can have all of your dreams but another part of you that doubts it’s possible?

Carrie’s Question:

Carrie is experiencing fear about her upcoming career transition.

Carrie’s Key Insights and Aha’s:

  • She doesn’t trust her abilities to start a business.
  • She puts unrealistic expectations and pressure on herself.
  • She doesn’t like being put on the spot.
  • She puts herself into a fight-or-flight response.
  • She likes working with children.
  • She wouldn’t treat her students like she treats herself.
  • She wants to align herself with her soul’s higher purpose.
  • She’s a perfectionist.
  • She wants to translate her passion for her students to herself.

How to get over it and on with it:

  • She should learn how to improve, grow, and create without judging herself.
  • She should focus on the kind of boss she wants to be to herself.
  • She should surrender to letting go and appreciate how far she has come.

Assignments and Takeaways:

  • What are you missing because you are looking — because you are thinking — too far ahead?
  • Consider a recent failure or mistake you made. How were you with yourself?
  • Put yourself out there and be seen. Don’t wait to be healed. Don’t wait to be perfect. Start sharing your message. B-SCHOOL can really help you to get over the blocks around being seen and helps you to just do it.
  • Dissect your limiting beliefs.


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A gratitude ritual and affirmation for you

I love the week of Thanksgiving here in the States! Cultivating a consciousness of gratitude is a MUST for anyone who is committed to living a fulfilling life. Plus, when we are aware of what we do have, we are a lot less inclined to obsess about all the things we don’t (and have fewer expectation hangovers!).

My personal gratitude practice consists of an evening gratitude ritual that I have done for years. Every night before I go to bed, I write a list of things that happened that day that I am particularly grateful for. Things like a rockstar parking spot, magical moments of serendipity, a fabulous meal, a laugh with a friend, or noticing an old pattern or trigger come up that offers me an opportunity to work my process. My gratitude journal is also a wonderful way to keep a diary of my life. I love looking back through it to reflect on past moments and celebrate lessons and blessings.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard the suggestion of keeping a gratitude list; however, are you actually doing it?

I assure you, it makes a huge difference. Dozing off with appreciation in your heart will positively impact your quality of sleep and the state you wake up in. So get yourself a journal and cuddle up with gratitude.

And for an extra dose of gratitude, I offer this affirmative prayer from my grateful heart to yours . . .

I’m grateful for everything in my life that has led me to this moment as it has all been part of my unique destiny. ((Tweet This!!))

I am grateful for all the people who I have met for a moment or known deeply for they have all been my mirror and my teachers.

I am grateful for all the times I have thought I have failed for I know now they taught me resilience.

I am grateful for all the heartache I’ve experienced because it means I am willing to open my heart.

I’m grateful for when I’ve had more because it taught me how to give and I’m grateful for when I’ve had less because it taught me how to receive.

I’m grateful for the miracles I experience in my life as they have reminded me of the magicalness of the Universe.

I am grateful for my body exactly the way it is because it is the absolutely perfect package for my soul.

I am grateful for all the various forms of abundance that I recognize in my life.

I am grateful for every tear I’ve shed because I’ve learned compassion.

I am grateful for every hurt I’ve experienced because I’ve learned forgiveness.

I am grateful for every time I’ve suffered because I’ve learned acceptance.

I am grateful for the times I have felt alone because in those moments I found my way back to my connection to the Uni-verse.

I am grateful for my gifts and my courage and willingness to express them.

I’m grateful to live with an open heart.

I’m grateful to be able to choose my response to anything.

I’m grateful for my freedom.

I’m grateful to love, be loved and BE LOVE.

Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for YOU.



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