Spotlight 25

Who is today’s twenty five year old woman? Lifetime Television investigates this question in an original special, “Spotlight 25.” A year ago I sat down with award winning journalist Willow Bay and her producing team to talk about what is on the minds and in the hearts of today’s quarter life woman.
A year later, I am honored to be part of this show that authentically profiles young women. The show features a round table discussion with “quarter-lifers” and profiles the lives of six unique women.

I am grateful to Willow and her producers for involving me in this conversation which I am so passionate about. No matter what your age or sex, this show is worth watching. You will laugh, you may even cry . . . I did when I watched it for the first time.

Thank you to Lifetime Television and Willow for portraying twenty-something woman as the dynamic, savvy, intelligent, and compassionate that they are!

Spotlight 25 premieres Monday March 26 at 8 pm (ET/PT).

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