Are you a lightworker?

We are living during a rapid increase of consciousness and it is crucial that we come together and learn tools that support our growth. Please join me on August 23rd either live in LA or via livestream from anywhere for a very special workshop.

More and more people just like you are waking up and leaving jobs, relationships, even cities and countries that feel repressive and restrictive. We are living in a new paradigm where creativity, connection and contribution are valued over money, control and power.

And this awakening is not just happening in yoga studios and vegan restaurants. It’s happening in corporations and neighborhoods across the world.

A movement is happening and you are part of it.

Something inside of you has been called to the work of a “lightworker.” A lightworker is someone on the personal growth path. Your profession may be anything from an attorney to a coach to a yoga teacher to a mother of three, but your soul work is that of a lightworker.

But being a lightworker is not always easy which is why I am dedicating a one-day workshop to supporting you!

  • If you are experiencing any of the following . . .
  • Getting drained or depleted, especially after being around other people
  • Feeling tired but difficulty sleeping
  • Being overly “sensitive” and even like you take on other people’s stuff
  • Knowing you have a deep message to share but doubting yourself and thinking, “Who am I to . . . ?”
  • Experiencing physical symptoms or ailments that you cannot explain
  • A deep longing to make more of an impact but not knowing how
  • Receiving intuitive hits but hesitant to listen to them or share them with others
  • Feeling like you do not fit in to your current family or social circle

Then please join me either live in LA or via livstream for a special day where I will teach you how to overcome common obstacles lightworkers face and step more fully into your purpose.

>> Go here for more details and to register <<

You will learn how to overcome self-doubt, protect your energy, identify your unique mission and much more. I am also bringing in two of the amazing people on my personal team – my bodyworker and energy clearer. They will each be sharing their incredible gifts with you as well.

This is going to be a very special and powerful day. Do not miss it. Come with your friends if you are in LA and get a friend discount. If you are livestreaming, the workshop will be recorded as well.

There is a lot more info about what is included HERE. Men and women welcome.

I cannot wait to share this day with you!!!

Love and blessings,




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