A common question I receive is: “How do I keep up self-care practices like meditation, eating well, exercising, journaling, and so on?”

Well the most simplistic and accurate answer is: “just do it.” But I realize that is also a frustrating answer because just doing it isn’t always so easy – and there is a reason for that! In this week’s episode of Over It and On With It, I offer insight and ideas that will shift your experience with making self-care a habit.

If you intellectually know what to do in terms of self-care; however, you just are not doing it than you will relate to Helen, who I coach on the show. She is wondering why she isn’t doing things that she knows are good for her. She will go through spurts but then life gets busy and she goes back to old coping mechanisms. Sound familiar?

Consistent and quality self-care is harder than ever before because we are all sooooo busy and there are endless distractions. All you need is one glimpse at Facebook or Snapchat and all of a sudden an hour is gone.

You’ll appreciate the direction this call goes and my advice for making self-care feel more do-able. I give you super fun homework and permission to stop trying to do all those things you think you “should.”

Tune in here.

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