Coaches Corner: Julie Elizabeth Day

Julie began her adult-travels through Earth School as an actress in NYC, obsessing over yoga, astrology, meditation, and Louise Hay on the side. She had a thing for commercials, and was blessed with many, hawking everything from Diet Coke, to Volkswagen. She worked her way through the NY theater scene and was gifted the amazing opportunity to originate roles for both Christopher Durang and Neil Simon (on Broadway!).

Then one day, while deep in a dark night of the soul, her guides told her to leave acting. Trusting the inner call, she promptly dialed up her agents… and the path was chosen.

What followed next was a journey of intense human learnings, blissful soul-discoveries, and every emotion in between. Shamanic travels, yogic trainings, New Thought teachings… the journey was filled with wisdom, and what she learned through it all was that the human-ness is holy, and this life is too precious for words. She finds that laughter is the greatest medicine, and love is the greatest healer. Whichever path you choose to get there, those two seem to remain infinitely true.

Licensed as a Spiritual Practitioner through the Agape International Spiritual Center in 2010, Julie has a knack for helping others to access high truth, connect to their team in the unseen, download pristine guidance from Higher Self, and have fun doing it. In other words… unpack the BS, and embrace an authentic life of joyful expression and contribution. She does this through individual sessions, classes, workshops, and writings.

Her unique blueprint to joy involves dogs, nature, laughing wayyyy too loud, and dancing wildly.

Find her at: www.practicalmystics.com and julieelizabethday.com

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