My best tips reducing anxiety

I love this quote from Wayne Dyer:

There is no stress in the world, only people thinking stressful thoughts.

You probably get that intellectually but life sure can feel stressful especially when are our to do lists are endless or we are experiencing some kind of expectation hangover.

One of the chief complaints I hear from people is that they are stressed out which creates anxiety.   Anxiety is a terrible feeling to have. It revs up our nervous system, puts stress on our body and disconnects us from our intuition.

To help you release anxiety and reduce the amount you think stressful thoughts, I made you a video sharing my best de-stressing techniques.

Keep this core principle in mind: you will only feel anxiety when your thoughts are in the future.  The best way to reduce stress in your life is to keep yourself in the present moment as much as possible.  And if your mind does wander to the future, at least make what you are thinking about a best-case scenario!  Creating worst-case scenarios with worry is using your imagination poorly.  Keep your thoughts positive and supportive.

In the video, I teach you a little about your brain and the fight or flight response that gets activated whenever we feel stress.  I share some physical practices you can do anytime you feel anxiety to calm your nervous system down so your brain stops creating stress hormones.

I hope you find these tools useful. Please head over to the blog and share your comments, questions or de-stressing techniques with me. I love hearing from you!

And remember: There is no stress, there are only stressful thoughts.  ((Tweet this!!))


p.s.  Having a solid support system and like-minded tribe is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress because you have a place to vent, receive compassion and guidance. That is one of the main intentions of my Inner Circle membership community. It is a safe space to for you to share and get helpful tools to navigate any stress in your life.  Learn more here or email to set up a call and discover if Inner Circle is right for you.

  • Katy Chen Mazzara

    You look so beautiful in this video, Christine! Thank you for these tips. Love them.

    • Christine Hassler

      Thank you Katy and so glad the tips help you.

  • Jennifer Ayoub

    Great post Christine- keep up the good work!

    • Christine Hassler

      Thank you so much!

  • Suzie Lane

    Very helpful thanks! Valerian is awesome

  • Kate Waterhouse

    Thanks Christine – I really needed that reminder to just stay in the present and not be 10 steps in the future, especially with so much going on with B-School.
    Another thing I find useful for calming myself down…….smiling. Taking a big, calming breath in and out and just smiling. Works wonders for me!
    Thanks again, I already feel more calm and focused after watching your vid x

    • Christine Hassler

      Smiling is a great tool too:) I love that that one. So glad these tips were good reminders.

  • Anthea Jaskirpal Kaur

    This was a great one! Thank you! One other thing that really helps me is taking magnesium.

    • Christine Hassler

      Anthea- So glad you liked it and yes supplements can hep too. So glad you found one that works well for you.