My favorite summer life hacks!

Summer is here, yay! I am really enjoying being home for an entire month and taking in the summer time vibes here in San Diego.

I hope yours is off to a great start and I have some tips for you that could make it even better.

In today’s vlog I share:

  • The crazy thing I do to increase my circulation and metabolism
  • My favorite summer workout
  • The “mocktail” I love to enjoy instead of alcohol
  • A product that keeps my immune system top notch
  • The workout boost product that is so much better than coffee!

I am obsessed with human optimization and love sharing tips with you.  Everything is explained in the video so be sure to watch.

Here are links to some of the tips and products I mention:

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Questions? Comments? I LOVE hearing from you so head on over the blog and share with me your favorite well being tips.

Also be sure to catch episode 92 of my podcast where I coach Jon on how to break through blocks in his professional life.

Have a beautiful day!


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  • Sanford

    Dear Christine,
    A wonderful cool and light (summer) snack is frozen mixed berries (such as Berry Medley from Trader Joe’s ). Put enough to fill the lower part of a small cup/glass,
    add a small amount of water or Almond or Soy milk to cover the berries, then mix and/or chop with a spoon … Enjoy!
    It’s cool, delicious, refreshing and satisfying AND nutritious (loaded with antioxidants (anthocyanins) and berries upregulate certain genes that leads to increase DNA repairative enzyme production!
    Bon Appetit!

    • Christine Hassler

      Thank you for sharing Sanford- that sounds delicious and healthy:) I love a good healthy treat!

      • Sanford

        Dear Christine,
        You feed my heart, inspire my spirit and elevate my soul (and those of your many other followers)!!!

        As a medical doctor who truly wants to help people (despite the ridiculous “fee for service” mindset / structure) … It is my hope to impart truthful evidence based nutritional knowledge that will prevent (or markedly reduce the likelihood of) the development of debilitating and chronic disease AND slow the aging process to a “crawl”. In short it is my firm belief that “(Optimal) Nutrition is the Foundation for Enduring Health!!!”.

        WML&MB to You and Your many Followers!