I believe that coaches serve the world through the work we do. It’s our purpose on the planet: to help others be happier, healthier, wealthier, more connected and more fulfilled.

We do this in big and small ways from helping a single client shift their perspective to launching global initiatives that transform lives.

It’s an honor and a joy to be a coach. I LOVE it.

And…it takes a lot of work to build and run a profitable business as a coach.

But that work is worth it.

If you agree, I hope you’ll join me at my friend Dallas Travers’ first annual Six Figure Coach Summit.

This free, online event is designed to give you real and measurable traction in your business so you can make more money and help more people.

Inside, you’ll get a free seat to more than 20 mini masterclasses taught by some of the most gifted and successful coaches around.

I’m really proud to say that I’m one of them and I’m going to teach you how to Build Your Business By Being an Extraordinary Coach.

Dallas has put a lot of heart and soul into creating an truly exceptional online event and it’s just fantastic that she’s sharing it for free.

You can check out the full speaker lineup and reserve your free spot here.

The Six Figure Coach Summit kicks off on April 9th. See you then!

Much love,


P.S. I am in Australia and I’m teaching TWO RETREATS.

On April 13th I’m hosting a one-day women’s retreat. Come together with other like-minded women for an incredibly intimate and transformational day. The day will include:

  • Guided meditation and visualization.
  • Identification of the major obstacles in between you and what you desire…and an action plan to remove them.
  • Release of negative emotions that are holding you back and possibly making you sick.
  • Clarification of your life purpose.
  • Adopting an “abundance” mindset and letting go of your limiting money stories for good!
  • Hot seat coaching…a unique opportunity to be coached by Christine in person

Email jill@christinehassler.com for more details and to RSVP.

On April 14-15th I am teaching a workshop for coaches, therapists, personal trainers, and anyone who wants to build a business in the personal growth field. It is with Primal Health Coach but open to ALL fields. Limited spacing so go here to register.

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