Coaches Corner: Taking Inspired and Intentional Action with Patricia Moreno

As she rose up the ranks to star status in the fitness industry, Patricia Moreno found herself trapped in a vicious cycle of body consciousness, resorting to extreme exercise and dieting to maintain her appearance. She thought, “Here I am, doing all of these crazy things behind the scenes and preaching exercise and diet—and it’s not working for me.”

Recognizing at rock-bottom that there must be millions of people suffering just like her and thinking it was their fault, Moreno realized she wanted to find a way to help people train the body as a vehicle, not just an ornament.

Her mission to reshape the fitness industry led her to create the intenSati Method, the first program to combine positive affirmations with physical training—and the concept of Spiritual Fitness. Moreno knows how crucial it is to consider the power of mind, heart and spirit in our workouts because the body is going to change shape over our lifetime, and our relationship to it needs to evolve, as well.

Thousands of instructors have trained with Moreno to learn and teach intenSati and her revolutionary approach has elevated her to the realm of internationally renowned fitness and wellness experts, earning acclaim from celebrities and media attention from O, The Oprah Magazine; Vogue; Shape; Well + Good; the Today Show and Good Morning America.

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