Ajit was born to a middle-income family in Jaipur and grew up in an extended family of 23 other people under one roof. Space and money were scarce, and so as a little boy, he dreamt of abundance.

Ajit made a decision to plant himself where he could grow. Starting as a trainee in a non-profit, he has since held various roles including CEO of Mindvalley, Co-founder of Mindvalley Teach, Co-founder of Global Grit Institute and Co-founder of EPIC Businesses. He is also an author of the bestselling book, The Book of Coaching. His new book is Live Big which we talk about in this episode.

Ajit has learned it is possible to create the abundant reality we want. He is passionate to share the business and productivity strategies that helped him build and grow numerous multiple million-dollar businesses, so we can ignite abundance in business and life, for all of humanity.

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